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Siler Grip Frame Value

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    Siler Grip Frame Value

    I have a siler autotocker slider, and I am on the fence on whether I use it for a build or not (need to mount it and see how it feels). It's chrome, with unknown internals, and it has the bottom line adapter piece, also in chrome. Pretty good shape overall, a little pitting and a few normal use scratches on the chrome, but overall probably 8+/10. If I decide to move it, any idea what kind of price I should look for?

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    Chome usually go for less than black ano one
    Condition is also important and chome frame tend to to have pitting corosion under the grip

    Any picture?

    Is it this model?
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210216-120430_Chrome.jpg
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    • El Gringo

      El Gringo

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      it was a one man shop. Also know as a Siler Death Grip

    • Alexndl


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      Though it was a typo between siler and slider...
      Updated my post after I saw your reply

    I paid 150 a few years ago for a complete black one. Still haven't found the perfect piece to compliment it.


      Yep, it looks exactly like that. I will pull the grips off tonight and take a couple of pictures


        I'm interested if you're selling it
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          Interesting. I've never heard of that frame. What's the background on it?
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          • pghp8ntballer


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            There was a desire by some (maybe even only Mr. Siler himself) to have a grip frame based off of a Luger pistol. George Siler is the creator of these. I have never seen a replication of it by anyone else or any frame based off of a Luger except this. Unless he made one-offs, they are only for autocockers.

            They feel weird by "normal" paintball trigger frame geometry/ergonomics terms, but are comfy in their own way. There have been several runs through the years, but examples only pop up for sale every so often.

          • lew


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            Excellent info. Thanks!

          Always thought these were cool A-F looking and also have thought they would be somewhat uncomfortable. Either way neato to see one again.
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            That thing would be sweet on a PGP or PMI sheridan using the cocker to sheridan adaptor plate


              Very luger.

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                There was someone on the old site (2.0) who was organizing a group buy of these but I think that fell apart. I got rid of one I had years ago and wanted to grab another to finish up a cocker build.


                  Another group buy is in order. I am down for one.
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                    Added some pictures. Not my cup of tea, so it will be sold. In better shape overall than i originally thought, no issues under the grips either


                      I'd love to see a KPCS Scout build with one.


                        I've owned a couple nickel plated and one black one in the past. They are absolutely the sweetest looking cocker frame ever made, but in my experience simply are not very comfortable to use for more than a few novelty games.

                        Whoever said there's an active group buy right now... don't get your hopes up. This had been attempted at least 3 times in the last 15 years.
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