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Air America Tsunami - Need Manual & Info

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    Air America Tsunami - Need Manual & Info

    I'm looking for a manual and any information about the AA Tsunami tank regulator. I picked one up in a lot a little while ago and I can't find any technical info or the manual for it anywhere. Does anyone have a PDF they can share? Can anyone tell me what the input and output ranges are and if the internals are similar to the Raptor or Apocalypse regs?

    Up from the dead. I opened mine up and it uses the same Unireg pin and seal as every other AA reg and that makes it easy to rebuild.

    Does anyone know what the output range and input pressure are for the Tsunami?


      Working off of 20+ year old memories from when we sold these at the proshop I managed in 1999, it was a slightly smaller version of the Raptor. It was a 3k input regulator mounted on a little aluminum non-fiber wrapped bottle. I don't recall the size of the bottle. The main difference between the tsunami and the raptor was the omission of the low pressure burst disk. The tsunami deletes the disk and relies solely on the relief valve in the piston as the safety mechanism in case the regulator fails. This removed a couple of parts from the tsunami and also made the regulator a little shorter and lighter. This was in the era of extremely large and heavy regulators, so this little bit of difference was well received. I remember I bought one and connected it to a fiber wrapped 68/3k bottle and it was one of the lightest setups you could get at the time. To answer the output question, it probably maxes out somewhere around 1000-1200psi. I think that was pretty standard for the Air America stuff for that time.


        forumreader Thanks! Good to know it is a 3k reg. Guess I’ll stick with my Raptor Rex since 3k fiber bottles aren’t readily available any longer.

        I did quickly open mine up the other day and the internals appear to be the same style pin, seal, and springs as other AA regs of the period.


          You may be all set with the pin and the seat, but if not immortal air got me what I needed to get the Armageddon running like new.

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