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Assorted Hopper(s)

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    Assorted Hopper(s)

    Trying to offload everything and just start fresh next season. I seem to have stockpiled hoppers. I have no idea what the values are but maybe you guys can give me an idea.

    Rotor: lid broke, works, but seems weak

    Halo: Powers on, feedneck has repair

    Egg: missing battery door. Unknown condition

    Clear Revvy: missing door, unknown condition

    Black revvy, works

    Blue Revvy: all there, unknown condition

    Extreme Rage: All there

    Blue Viewloader: All there


    Not sure if this will help, but I paid $40 shipped for a 12 volt Revolution with X-Board a few weeks ago. Got it off ebay.

    I've see. Them listed for a variety of prices, usually the less common colors list a little higher.


      I usually ask $60 shipped for working rotors in good condition. $30 for regular revvys, $20 for halos and cracked eggs. The blue revy might be worth the most.

      that’s just me though.


        I would put the value of the black revy higher than the transparent shells, just for the fact that those are the tough shells and lid. The later "shinier" ones tend to break the neck or lids. I had a clear one I dyed green and another plain clear one that both snapped at the neck.

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