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Appraisal Please

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    Appraisal Please

    Someone recently sent me an unsolicited offer. Was just wondering if I should let it go.

    Click image for larger version

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    Man thats pretty. I wouldnt know of its value though, wildcard guess would be 1200-2000 just knowing besales guns usually fetch a lot. I know that likely doesnt help you.


      Originally posted by Deadmeat99 View Post
      Was just wondering if I should let it go.
      You shouldn't
      Velcor will save us...

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        Ug....... Me want


          Well If your just gonna let it go ill take it! I can even pick it up!

          Idk what these sold for new. But i have a feeling its gonna be close too if not higher then it. Belsales are highly desirable. Especially the more original pieces are still there and if its in good condition.


            Hey, hope you've been doing well!
            I don't think I'd take less than $2k for that these days. Especially from unsolicited offer guy.

            Just my $.02
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              Is the uhh "Lifesaver" version? I recently saw someone was looking for these. $2.5 - $3 in this market, for something that rare and an unsolicited offer.
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              Originally posted by SignOfZeta;
              Us beardos with wallets need to occasionally make our voices heard.


                No less than 3k. Do you happen to have the original feedneck?


                • Deadmeat99


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                  I have the original feedneck

                • Mr. Hick

                  Mr. Hick

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                  That's a good thing. I did some snooping around on facebook yesterday to affirm my thoughts and most of them are going for at least $3500 and this one looks minty. I would say no less than 4k for an asking price.

                Last mint lifesaver was sold for $3500.


                Big money


                  keep it or sell it to me.. but you should keep it...


                    Cocker pricing isn't my area, I just popped in to say: hot damn!
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                      Dang thats cool.

                      I just want the minty in-line maxflo on the bottom lol