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How did I do?

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    How did I do?

    Picked up this 68 classic mag with 2 barrels for $100 shipped. Did I get hosed or am I coming out ahead? Regardless always wanted a mag.
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      Not bad valve is probably worth that.


        You did pretty good. Personally, I'd pay $25 for a rebuild kit and run that mag for years!


          You did real good.
          Solid deal, solid gun. Buy a legit rebuild kit and shoot the hell out of it. The Lapco drop is a good seller if you are not a drop person.

          Gun working with a barrel is roughly 150 shipped as a right feed. You have an extra barrel and drop on top of that.
          Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

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            I agree, $100 for a mag is really good

            personally I would sell the Lapco drop, buy AGD or VL68 rubber grip, superman automag barrel detent and a rebuild kit from AGD
            And go play and have fun

            I love revi on mag if you have one


              not bad, id give you 40 for that foregrip if your interested


              • Alexndl


                Editing a comment
                I think I have one of those too in a tote, let me check

              Originally posted by Magageddon View Post
              not bad, id give you 40 for that foregrip if your interested
              I'll buy the rest for $61, and you will be ahead of the game by $1! Everyone wins!