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Mag/Cocker parts values?

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    Mag/Cocker parts values?

    I have a few things I'd like to move but have no idea on pricing.

    1 - Micromag lasered valve (complete)

    2 - Cocker bull barrel (14")

    3 - ss body I converted to vertical feed (the cheap way )

    4 - Cocker thread adapter (Doc clone)

    5 - cut rail with vertical ASA, comes with twistlock pin but no rail bushing

    Might have a couple things I'm forgetting but will add later.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	20221007_175030.jpg
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Size:	6.75 MB
ID:	322207 Click image for larger version

Name:	20221007_175042.jpg
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Name:	20221007_175112.jpg
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Size:	3.61 MB
ID:	322205
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    I’d possibly be interested in the Micromag valve once you have pricing figured out.


      What do those bull barrels look like?


      • Jordan


        Editing a comment
        I'll post a picture later.

      Micromag valve - I want this b/c I have a Micro without matching valve, so I won't suggest a price
      bull barrel - $30? $40?
      body - need pics
      cocker adapter - $25
      cut rail and VA- $30
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      • Jordan


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        Wthomas has already expressed an interest in the valve - but if he passes I'll shoot you a PM.

      MicroMag valve, matching halves - $80 - $120


        bull barrel like $20 I had a hard time selling mine.


          I'm in for that cocker adapter


            The 14" bull barrel is a bit more rare $40.
            Velcor will save us...

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              If it hasn't sold and you end up coming to Ultimate on Sunday bring that bull barrel. I might take it off your hands.