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What's it Worth - Karnivor

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    What's it Worth - Karnivor

    Its been having some internal conflict for the past 6-8 months about this....

    I have a Karni in excellent shape and perfect working condition.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	C552CD86-91FF-4046-94C3-8A14CE2DF0E1.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	2.94 MB ID:	339219

    with the original board, a Sci-Fi 3.0, original grips and 3D printed with a Sci-Fi window (and ones coming from odm)

    It'll come with the Kaner kit (all 3 tips, all backs EXCEPT the .689 and I did have the .691 bored for 5" inserts.). I've had it 2.5 years, played with it 1x and had it tuned by CockerTop

    great marker, just at the total opposite end of the spectrum of how I play.

    Looking for an idea of where I can start her...
    JeepDVLZ45's Feedback

    💀 Team Ragnastock 💀

    This thing is sick , held it 2 weeks ago and it’s a light weight machine. Someone buy this from this solid selling paint slinging guy. You will get a solid deal.


      The last Good karni (like that one) I saw posted for $1200 I have no clue if it moved at the price or lower.

      I would expect that you can get at least $800 but between now and Christmas is a bad time to sell. wait until tax return season (spring) and it will fetch more dollars.


        Karni prices have easily topped 1k these days. How much higher I’m not sure though. Off the cuff I’d think $1,200 - 1,400? Don’t know how a Sci-fi board affects pricing.
        Cuda's Feedback


          $1200 would be a good starting point. Last year it would sell in a day or two at that price.

          I don't know how much the market may have cooled recently.


            Throw a pump kit on it, part out the rest, and keep it
            WTB Acid Wash Phantom Parts


            • JeepDVLZ45


              Editing a comment
              The thought has crossed my mind.

            Tuned with the barrel kit I wouldn’t take a penny less than $1200.

            I agree $1400 is a good place to start. That marker is mint and shoots great. Worst case put it on eBay it will sell.


            • latches109


              Editing a comment
              I would go even higher $1899 with immediate payment turned on, and add a best offer. you'll get a $1200-1400 offer. theifbay will take $200 in fees and ship at that price.

            Chuck E Ducky agreed with everything Chucky is saying