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Carter Half Block

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    Carter Half Block

    Played with it a couple times and I just wasn't feeling it. If I did decided to move this, what would it be worth??
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    I almost jumped on that when it was available before. So nice.

    Does it need any tuning/fixing of any kind? I'm sure you will be able to ask for whatever you had paid and get it real quick.
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      I think the sled needs to be moved back on the rods, I had a couple chops this weekend with it. Could be the bolt needs to be moved back more or maybe I just need to slow down when using it. But it is in 100% operating condition.


        I'd be interested once you get a value assessment.
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          I think it’s worth a DuckSlide 😂
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            As the prior owner I can attest to the functioning of the marker. It's gorgeous too.

            If I liked half blocks I never would have let her go.