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2k11 value

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    2k11 value

    Friend asked me what his marker was worth, black polished 2k11 g6r techt hush bolt and pin super nice 9/10.

    lmk guys

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    The last one that went up for sale here was posted at $350 shipped and sold in a day.


    • Mr.
      Mr. commented
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      I saw a vice but not a g6r crazy

    • coyote


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      You're correct,

      2011 G6R sold a year ago for $550. I don't know why I thought it was a Vice you posted.

    These seem to trade hands on Facebook at $750-$900. Which is ridiculous to me, but that seems to be the free market value.


      Yeah these are having a moment on Facebook


        A guy at the field just paid $500 for an all stock 2k11, dust black with gloss black accents. Included literally nothing but the marker.
        I can haz feedback?
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          Don't sell it for less than $750. Most are going for WAAAY more than that. Ebay or FB they are like printing money.

          Edit - if you do want to sell it for $500 let me know. I will be reselling it promptly but I'll take it at that price for the easy sale!
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            I sold mine for $1050 on ebay in march. All stock 2k11 mint condition, original box and everything, with pressure tester. Sold in less than 30 seconds.


              I'm continually fascinated by the marker for Bob Longs