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ChuckLove’s Collection

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    ChuckLove’s Collection

    Since returning to paintball in the summer of 2018 I've bought, sold and traded a bunch of paint guns. This first post is what I currently have in my possession. The 2nd & 3rd posts contain all the junk that I’ve got rid of.


    WGP Mini Orracle
    -Mozak Thin 45 Frame
    -Inception Drift Pump Kit/v3 Reg/Trident Bolt/Cocking Rod
    -CCM Internals & Feedneck
    -CP Detent
    -Eclipse POPS
    -Hogue Grips

    ​Inception Designs FLE
    -Inception Designs Drift Pump Kit/v3 Reg/Bolt/E-Z On/Off & Rail/Feedneck/Cocking Rod
    -CCM 45 Frame & Internals
    -CP Detent

    MacDev Sonic (2003)
    -Orignial Gladiator Reg/Valve/Hammer/Bolt Pin
    -CCM Pump Kit/Feedneck/Springs
    -Dye Slide Frame
    -AKA Bolt
    -ACP Detent & VASA
    -CP On/Off ASA & Rail

    ​Inception Designs Kryptonite "BobTail"
    -Inception Drift Pump Kit/v3 Reg/Trident Bolt/HF Valve/VASA/Detent
    -CCM Frame/Springs

    VSC Phantom
    -Undercocking Kit
    -ASP Roundhead Body


    ​FreeFlow Fulcrum (2018)

    ​Shocktech Dust Loctite Green CG2 Special Edition
    -Hogue Grips

    Space Guns

    ​Smart Parts Octane SFT Shocker
    -Nerve Frame & Trigger
    -HE Bolt
    -CCM Feedneck
    -New Designz Rail & ASA

    ​Dye M2 "Backwoods Hunter"

    ​Shocker AMP CC (Mech)
    -Exalt Reg Grip

    Planet Eclipse Emek
    -FL 3-Way Valve/ST3 Bolt/POPS On/Off
    -Inception Scout Body/Fang Trigger/Secret Pin
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    ChuckLove on YouTube

    Sold or Traded

    ​Dye DSR+
    -IM Pro Upgrade Kit
    -Single Trigger Electro Frame

    Vanquish 1.5
    Inception Designs Single Trigger
    V16 Drivetrain

    HK Ripper VCOM 11/200
    VIS Engine
    KO (Deuce) Trigger
    Matching BL Barrel Kit

    Bob Long Onslaught
    4c Eyes
    VP Trigger

    Bob Long Texas Storm G6r
    Tech-T Hush Bolt
    Exalt Grip
    4c Laser Eyes

    Bob Long Insight
    Reflex Engine
    4c Eyes
    Exalt Grip

    Bob Long Insight
    Reflex Engine
    4c Eyes
    Blackout Screw Kit
    Field One Grips
    Exalt Grip

    Shocker CVO
    Exalt Front Grip

    Dye M2 Mos Air
    Vintage NASA O-Ring Kit

    187 Crew Geo 3
    IV Core
    Exalt Grip

    Planet Eclipse Etek5
    OLED Board

    Empire Resurrection

    Empire Sniper
    CP Reg
    ID 11/16 Lower Tube Kit
    ID Starburst ASA Plug
    TechT Bolt

    Dynasty SFT Shocker
    Dynasty Tadao Board
    Nerve Trigger
    HE Bolt
    CP Rail & On/Off
    Hybrid Grips

    Strange SFT Shocker
    Nerve Frame & Trigger
    Nummech Bolt Guide
    SP Rail & On/Off
    NDZ Detents

    Azodin KP3.5
    Hitman Mod
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      ​​​​​​More Stuff I've Sold

      Planet Eclipse Geo 3.5 (Stockholm Joy Team Edition)
      POPS Extender Rail
      Infamous Deuce Trigger
      Tan Grips

      Smart Parts Nerve
      Tadao M5 Dynasty Board
      SP Rail & ASA

      2005 Planet Eclipse Ego
      Color Swaped Dust Silver/Black
      Newer Cure Bolt & Oops On/Off

      Empire Resurrecton
      ID Internals, Trigger Shoe & ASA Plug

      MacDev Cyborg RX

      Bob Long G6R
      Pillow Bolt w/TechT Pin
      LP Poppet
      4C Eyes

      ‘07 Evil Minion
      DM11 Soft Tip Bolt
      PM8 Feedneck

      FreeFlow Millenium (2018)
      -Shocktech Internals/Ram/Trigger Plate
      -Sconi UL Freak Back
      -Hogue Grips

      Dye DSR+
      -Inception Feedneck Thumb Wheel

      Adrenaline Shocker CVO (No Electro Frame)
      -SP CVO Grips

      Dye DM6

      ​Field One Force

      ​Bob Long VIS
      -VIS (Poppet) Engine
      -4c Eyes
      -Magnet Trigger Mod

      Inception Designs Teflon Red RIP Retro FLE

      FreeFlow Chris Cole (2019)
      -Eclipse POPS On/Off & Rail
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      ChuckLove on YouTube


        Nice Collection! I like that you have action pics with most of your markers.
        WTB: Sovereign threaded barrel and Sovereign 1 parts

        Belsales Gen 1 twister cap

        ANGEL Speedy blue parts


        • ChuckLove


          Editing a comment
          Thank you. I'm lucky to have a local field that takes photos of the players.
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        Traded the Onslaught for an Inception Bobtail pump. 1st post will be updated when it arrives.
        ChuckLove on YouTube


          Love the Joy Geo!
          cellophane's feedback


            Originally posted by cellophane View Post
            Love the Joy Geo!
            Thank you! It's the only electro that I won't get rid of.
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            ChuckLove on YouTube


              Originally posted by ChuckLove View Post

              Thank you! It's the only electro that I won't get rid of.
              Figures. It is the one I would have wanted to buy 🙄😁 Can't blame you one bit. I just snagged a Joy Prime- zero intentions of selling.
              cellophane's feedback


                Built, Bought & Sold a few recently. Updated
                ChuckLove on YouTube


                  Very nice collection you have there.


                  • ChuckLove


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                    Thank You! 👍

                  Wow. Awesome collection you got there.


                  • ChuckLove


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                    Thank You!

                  Updated Sonic Sniper photo and rearranged some things.

                  ChuckLove on YouTube


                    That looks like XPBMa Nuketown? Hope to see you there sometime
                    💀Team Ragnastock💀
                    Ion Long Rifle
                    Spyder Pump
                    BST Feedback
                    Brass Thread

                    WTB Sheridan Parts


                    • ChuckLove


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                      Yes sir that’s my home field. I’ll see you out there.

                    Vanquish added.
                    ChuckLove on YouTube


                      Mini Orracle Sniper & Evil Minion Added.
                      ChuckLove on YouTube