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Dusty Bottoms's paint throwing Amigos

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  • Dusty Bottoms
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks! I really like that F4, even though I've only played with it a couple times. The trigger is surprisingly good on mine, and shoots pretty damn fast for a blowback. It's much better than the 90's Tippmann's I used in high school that all had clunky, heavy triggers.

  • FredMnkyDad10
    That is a hot DAMN!!!!!! Collection. I just came across one of those F4 in a posting locally, picture was not the best, so I could not tell what it was. But the ano work still popped.

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  • Dusty Bottoms
    started a topic Dusty Bottoms's paint throwing Amigos

    Dusty Bottoms's paint throwing Amigos

    Here's my small collection as it currently stands. All of these have got some field time, but some are definitely favored.

    1. F4 Illustrator 'Graffiti' - Got this locally for nothing, fully rebuilt it and it shoots great! I should have bought one of these in high school.

    2. Tippmann A5- I've owned several A5's, and it's the marker that got me back into the game after college, so I always like having one. This is the only marker I run off Co2 currently.

    3. Tippmann ProCarbine- I had one in high school, and it's always been my favorite Tippmann. I just hate how clunky the trigger is compared to later Tippmann's. I found this mint DYE SS barrel online and had to get it, as my high school one had a DYE as well.

    4. Emek- I finally bought the hype and picked one up. The hype is real, it works great, it just doesn't have too much personality. It's always in the gear bag, though.

    5. Euro-body Automag Classic- I scooped up one of these really rare 'euro' bodies on here for nothing, and built a mag around it. It's one of my very favorites, and has got alot of eliminations to it's credit.

    6. Euro-body Minimag- I've looked for one of these mysterious 'euro' Minimag bodies for 15+ years with no luck until I randomly spotted this one in the background of a european collector's pic on Facebook. I made a deal and finally got my unicorn! I got in contact with John Sosta of AGD Europe and found out that these 'euro' Minimag bodies were never made by AGD, they were made by the English company that made the Colonial Automag clone. The weld pattern around the feedneck is totally different from what AGD did. The bodies could be bought as an aftermarket upgrade and were pictured in the Eclipse catalog as such in '97 or '98. I don't believe they were ever sold in the US. I've only used this once, but it's automatically in my top three favorites.

    7. Automag RT Classic- I love the RT Classic, it's my favorite Automag model and if I had the storage space I would own 20+ of them. They look mean and cool like a old muscle car. They just feel built to last a lifetime, and feel great in the hands. This one is setup to 'rt' like a beast. Definitely have to use the Rotor on it!

    8. Euro-body RT Classic- 'Euro' bodied RT Classics are the bees knees. They have that nice rakish tilt to them, but of course look somewhat goofy with a hopper sitting sky high on them! This one is very minty, and I also love this big Benchmark drop/asa combo. Definitely dripping with old schoolness.

    9. Euro-body Black RT Classic- 'Euro' body RT Classics are already fairly rare, but the teflon black one's are reeeeeeaally hard to find. I built one almost just like this in 2015, but had to sell it due to being in a major financial crunch as my wife completed nursing school. Luckily I spotted this one on ebay in '18, and it seemed like no one else saw it. It belonged to a long time Automag Org member who bought it during one of AGD's attic sales of the early 2000's. I rebuilt it, and added a nice Benchy trigger frame, Lvl10 bolt, Doc's cocker adapter, and Armageddon reg. I think the Lapco Big shot Assault barrel looks like a good match. This is my favorite marker, and usually my main shooter.