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    Brandon85's guns

    Most of the guns i have at the moment, nothing really fancy

    AGD MiniMag
    - Benchmark frame
    - ANS bolt
    - custom made foregrip
    - AGD donkey
    - Hybrid grips

    AGD'ish XMT'ish MiniMag
    - X-Valve (RT-PRO) with RT on/off, lvl10
    - XMT Minimag CF body
    - SP grips
    - custom made foregrip
    - custom made PE feedneck adapter (prototype shown) with PE feedneck
    - ignore the on/off i gonna change it to a pops on/off

    AGD classic RT
    - lvl 10
    - PE on/off
    - SP Grips

    AGD classic RT "mini"
    - euro body (cut down)
    - lvl 10
    - milled rail
    - custom made foregrip
    - CP on/off
    - newly made highline
    - matching dye boomstick front

    AKA Viking
    - 1of1 milling
    - DYE dm4 frame
    - DYE board
    - DYE on/off
    - thin tray
    - stainless steel screws
    - PE fr-back and PE prototype pro-tip
    - Warped bolt pin
    - Nummech feedneck

    Planet Eclipse Lv1 - Düsseldorf Reckless
    - infamous trigger
    - heavy rammer​

    Smart Parts Dynasty Shocker
    - CCM frame
    - blackheart board
    - stainless steel back
    - BL on/off
    - eigenbolt (sprung)
    - delrin sleeve
    - lp firing can

    Smart Parts Octane Shocker
    - bought it brand new, never used it.​

    Empire Sniper
    - custom made pump handle
    - custom ano
    - pops on/off
    - Tanked Paintball .45 grips - "Killzone"

    Bob Long MVP

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    You have wonderful taste.


      That Viking, though...
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