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    The Wall
    Current Total: 61
    Lifetime Total: 82

    The Armory

    The collection is split between my dad’s house on the East Coast and me on the West but only he has room for the big fancy display wall. This isn’t everything, but it’s most of the really cool stuff.

    The Twisters:

    Weapon 1 TWSTR LV1
    #118 - Custom Ano by Arc Anodizing

    Red acid wash, with a blue acid wash inside the shield. My dad is a huge Marvel fan so all of his Twisters are superhero themed, this one is Captain America.

    Unfortunately, due to the complexity of the ano, it's lost most of the blue in the shield. We knew it might happen when we went into it, but it still looks awesome just the same.

    Banzai Splash TWSTER LV1
    #139, Heritage Series - Factory Banzai Splash by Arnold's

    I really lucked into this one. My dad bought his first and I really loved it. Needed a new marker for tournaments so I asked T2 if he had any in black and green left (team colors). He then sends me a shot of these Heritage guns. 8 guns each done in a unique throwback Eclipse pattern along with a few extra goodies besides the normal Twister LV1. I bought this the day before they were officially announced and the rest sold out within 24 hours.

    They even did these awesome throwback jewels for the Heritage guns that call back to the original Eclipse logo on their early Cockers and Mags. Fits over the milled TWSTR logo. The splash screen of each of them is unique and calls back to old Eblade or Ego splash screens as well.

    TWSTR F5 Autococker
    #4 - Weapon X - Ano by Arc Anodizing

    Continuing the superhero trend, this one is Wolverine themed, with the X-men logo engraved in the grips. The panels were from Luke-AO and the “X” was milled by Tymcneer. We also had a full set of Ressi pneumatics match-annoed.

    TWSTR F5 Autococker
    #54 - Lucy - Ano by Arc Anodizing

    Ano inspired by a classic Twister in this color with chrome parts. I swapped them for gloss silver so I didn't have to deal with pitting.

    Inception Design TWSTR
    #4 - Hulk - Aesthetic Anodizing

    The latest in the Twister line-up. Shoots as good as any of the other Inception guns but just doesn’t feel as special as the other Twister's. I love that ID was able to bring the milling over the barrel hood though. Need to take a photos but the trigger shoe says "SMASH" one it haha.

    Boston Paintball Ultra-Micro Mini Twister
    Thanos - Ano by Caustic Customs

    The lightest twister autococker design ever made. It is one of 12 ever made by LAPCO, discontinued over fears that it wasn't structurally sound enough. It's an original 90's mini body with a modified Twister 45 mill, with nothing connecting the two tubes until just above the valve. A typical Twister has the tubes attached at the front where the block mounts.

    This body has been further lightened by Mozak Machine. It has convertible milling (no sight rail), the feedneck has been machined for an Eclipse feedneck, and the backblock has hidden pocket milling inside to lighten it up. The body didn't have a matching twister front block so instead to save weight it uses a 2K-style Inception front block with a custom made 2k to 99 spec banjo adapter made by Angry Antle.

    Inception Design TWSTR Pump
    #84 - Ano by Aesthetic Anodizing

    Had an opportunity to pick up a couple of these Inception bodies. Pieced this one together from a super cheap hornet. Still needs tuning, or maybe I just don't like the ID pump kit. The other body is still waiting on an epic kit from one of our members, but definitely going to be worth the wait.

    The Mechs:

    CCM 04 J2
    Factory Anodizing + some color matching by Caustic

    An almost entirely original J2. Previous owner had compiled all the parts but they didn't all match. Caustic knocked it out of the park matching all the bits to the body color. It's missing the proper J2 beavertail and the ram is the later wavy ram because the original wouldn't seal.

    Lockout FreeFlow Fulcrum
    Ano by Arc Anodizing

    Lockout-owned Freeflow Fulcrum, all original minus the newer Shocktech frame and ASA. Wanted to do an ano that called back too the OG Lockout red/black guns that wasn’t just two-tone and Arc killed it with the urban camo.

    Nummech Pyro Cocker
    Ano by Caustic Customs

    This is flat out the most gorgeous ano job I've ever seen. It's so polished it looks like liquid. Can't wait to have it finished and shooting.

    Custom Inception Fighter Midblock
    "Tiger in the Grass" - Ano by Aesthetic Anodizing

    Built this intending it to be a super tight mech/woodsball gun. Feels amazing in the hand. and looks gorgeous.

    Shocktech Gen 3 SFL

    Almost entirely original, even has the matching PL reg and bottomline. Feedneck is the only thing not stock, but it matches the anno perfectly and is much better than the original

    Jackal RDL
    Ano by ATMF

    The cursed gun. It had a bad trip to the anodizers and tolerances are fairly screwed up. It's been to multiple techs, never got it above 250 FPS. A shame too as it has one of the best triggers of any autococker I've ever shot.

    FreeFlow Rhythm
    Factory Anodizing

    My teammate hasn't played for years and my dad and I haven been bugging him to sell this forever. Finally broke down last year. Was pretty much an all original freeflow but the parts were pretty shot from sitting around so long. All Inception parts right now, but in the process of switching it around.

    05 Orange Prostock

    Not really rare but I LOVE this color. Palmer's pneu's with an Eclipse frame and AKA reg. Shoots like a dream and just keeps on running

    The Pumps:

    Kamikaze Shooters/Carter DD68 Duck

    Dave Loo and Earon Carter originally developed these amazing pieces together. The first ten were built for the Kamikaze Shooters, but only 8 were actually assembled before Dave's death. This is one of the last two, milled differently (hence why the team stamp is only half there. I've drooled over duck's since I started playing and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to own a piece of pb history like this!

    Niche Element
    Factory ano, inspired by a Dye colorway, not the Dolphins haha.

    It looks great but the gun has really just never worked right. New issues every time I've brought it out to play. It's consigned to the tech bench till it can all be sorted out.

    Woodland Camo CCM S6
    Factory Anodizing by AnoMaxx

    CCM did 6 or 7 guns in this pattern and it is hands down the best camo ano I've seen on any gun ever. This is one of 2 or 3 S6's that were done.

    Long Barreled PGP
    Two-tone polish and matte finish

    Heavily modified PGP2K built by TyMcneer. Rebarreled in thick walled .678 with dual spiral porting and a new bolt to match. Sidetube, Spring-fed, Brass K-Frame, PPS DynaValve with some additional valve work by Stuffy. Holds about 12 shots, weighs a ton, and is dead silent. There’s some debate as to whether I can still call this a PGP haha.

    Palmer's Painter - #425
    Lever-action, quicksilver changer and offset feed. And yes it's awesome

    Meteor V1 Featherlite
    Factory Anodizing

    The trigger frame on this is amazing. Super tight tolerances and with an AKA plate and roller bearing set screws, the trigger pull is butter.

    Line SI Bushmaster

    Previous owner cut down the feedneck unfortunately, so in search of a better feeding solution than what is currently attached.


    Guaranteed to make you miss every game the first day you bring it to the field. The pump stroke on this gun is fantastic, one of the smoothest of any gun I own. The Stella really completes the look too.

    Carterized CIP Boxgun

    Haven’t really had a chance to play with this. It had a leaky pierce pin when I got it and haven’t been home to fix it since.


    CCM's dedicated first strike sniper rifle. 6 round magazine, and the mags are some of the best designed out there IMO. All Magpul MOE hardware with a Vortex red dot.

    ANS GX-3

    Bought the gun as NOS, never assembled, no internals. Fortunately ANS still sells pretty much everything for these. Pretty, but my other cockers are lighter/better trigger job/etc so made this into a loaner pump for now.

    Angry Antle Custom
    Ano TBD

    My as yet unfinished Angry Antle Custom. Antle rounded the top for the CCI feed, gave it decorative cuts to match the frame and pump kit, and fitted a custom P-block that uses a quad-rod CCM pump kit for a crazy smooth stroke. Going to be a monster when finished, but still needs some finishing touches before it goes to ano.

    The Mechs:

    Angry Antle Infidel Shocker
    #ANGRY-08 - Ano by F/X Anodizing

    A limited-run factory approved Shocker from Angry Antle. The craftsmanship is awesome, you would never guess it wasn’t done at the factory. Even has a unique factory serial (ANGRY-08).

    Palmer’s Blazer
    Factory Anodizing

    Picked this up from Hellion360 last year. Love the trigger on it, haven’t really gotten to stretch it’s legs yet, hopefully soon.

    Palmer's Nasty Typhoon #226

    Tigerstripe finish, 14 inch .685 barrels. I've since found a black CP gas-through, need to take some new pics

    UMF Karta Mag

    Always wanted a Karta, just happened to time it right and picked up all the pieces in a week. The Logic frame is amazing, wish he still made these. Tuna built it for me so it sings.

    AGD Tac-1

    Pretty standard Tac-1. This started life as a SpecOps Q-Bow. Sadly we sold off most of the kit, I just have the longbow mags and magwell (not on the gun atm) along with the q-pod mount on the front.

    Tippmann SMG-60

    Stripped of paint by the previous owner and fitted with the machine gun style shroud. Don't have a CO2 tank to test this right now, but it needs some work anyways.

    Tippmann SMG-68

    This thing is in immaculate condition. The plan is to strip the SMG-60 for the F/A sear or have a friend make a copy it for this one. Just need clips for it.

    Nelspot 007

    Heavily modified by Chaos originally. Mostly CCI internals, a cut down BOA barrel with detent and wedgits, and a PVC feed gate.

    Nelspot 007

    Fun little shooter, all Lapco internals so it shoots really nice despite it’s look. Great gun to let people try out pump, plus can’t beat the price, traded a barrel back for it haha. Currently has a 12 gram changer from my phantom, but I’m thinking about trying to pick up a Micro-CA for it.

    Crosman 3357

    Picked up 4 of these from an estate sale originally, sold the other three and kept this one.

    JT ER-2

    A fine use of my stimulus check haha. Thanks to the mad scientists on MCB it now is a stock class pump with a freak-insert for a barrel.

    The Electro’s:

    ECA A4 Fly

    A heavily modified A4 Fly from ECA. Gorgeous and a lot of fun to play with.

    Hurricanes Ego 10
    Factory Anodizing - 1 of 6.

    The 'Canes switched from Eclipse to Dye this year so the gun was never went into full production status, just the handful were made for the team. It's absolutely gorgeous and shoots like a dream.

    Planet Eclipse DC2
    1 of 150
    1 of 22 in this color

    Finally tracked down a matching ASA for this! Still trying to find an extra matching back so I can freak bore it. The stock one is way too big for modern paint sadly.

    Russian Legion Shocker

    These are IMO one of the best PL guns ever made. All the attention to detail with the milling carries over to all the other parts like the wire trigger guard and feedneck lever.

    Shocker SFT

    Nothing special, just a workhorse. Filled with all the best aftermarket parts, the only stock piece left is the body. Shoots way better than you would expect. Picked up a Nummech Tube body I’m going to swap in eventually. Unfortunately, has terrible bolt stick issues I can’t seem to shake.

    Some cool past guns:

    #4 - Parker

    Factory ano, planned to make this a more obvious Spiderman-tribute with some lasered webs. Gorgeous gun but I just preferred the way the LV1 shot.

    Lufkon's Evil M
    Built by him as his personal gun, with his milling and a one off frame and VA. Uses an 06 Ego board Evil M's are basically the next-gen Viking that was never released, because of SP's lawsuit against AKA.

    Eclipse Autococker
    Ano by FX Anodizing

    I told Mario I wanted a British Racing green, and he NAILED the color. Gorgeous in person. Would love to buy this back, as I had to sell it for rent at one point but the current owner won’t part with it :/.

    Carter Buzzard

    One of the last guns Carter built. Has an extra long rifle length pump handle and a vert feed in addition to the SC tube.

    Palmer's Stroker #1954

    Converted from a PGP so it's really tiny. Got this in a bag of pieces that went back to Palmer's to be rebuilt, but the barrel was damaged so they had to slice a bit off the front. Had them add the muzzle break because I was convinced I'd shoot my fingers off otherwise.

    Mmm, Evil Ehm...
    If you need to talk, I will listen. Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get it.
    IGY6; 503.995.0257


      Originally posted by DavidBoren View Post
      Mmm, Evil Ehm...
      That and the Eclipse are the only guns I've ever HAD to sell off. The Ehm hurts a bit less though. It was a super nice gun and shot amazing, but while the frame looks cool, I never found it very comfortable to hold and the trigger geometry always felt weird to me, could never really get it properly ripping in semi.


        Awesome variety you have there. That Woodland S6 gets my favorite vote.


          Tim you have my favorite collection by far. Your custom cocker and pump builds are epic. I can't wait to see what you bring to P&L later this month!


            Some really nice pieces in there. Reminds me of just how bland my collection is. That Russian Legion though... makes me want to track one down just to get a better look at it.


              Originally posted by ChuckLove View Post
              Tim you have my favorite collection by far. Your custom cocker and pump builds are epic. I can't wait to see what you bring to P&L later this month!
              Thanks dude! Think I'm just gonna bring the Shocker from out here cause I haven't had a chance to play with it yet and I'll grab whatever electro I can get to work that I left at home haha. Maybe I'll sit down and try to get the Vice working, it's been super tempermental since I put the lurker ram in it. Shoots like an old-school Bob Long though so PnL would be a good game for it hehehe.

              Originally posted by Rusty Brass View Post
              Some really nice pieces in there. Reminds me of just how bland my collection is. That Russian Legion though... makes me want to track one down just to get a better look at it.
              The RL is flat out gorgeous, almost every piece of the gun was altered from the stock NXT. I wanted one forever and kind of overpaid for this one, but it was to help out a buddy so I don't mind. They even have their own RL grips for them and a special Virtue board that plays the Russian national anthem on startup. Still searching for a board for it unfortunately but I'll get one eventually.


                Thats a rad collection you have there.


                  hey FOP, i have a question about your jakal. you mentioned that the tolerances were out of whack due to a bad anno job at one point. i understand how that happens. what i dont understand is what tolerances could be out of whack to the point that it wont make velocity?
                  i'm not a scientist, and i;m definitely not a cocker doctor, but i would have to be proven wrong to my face if i made the claim that; if itll shoot 250, it'll shoot 300.
                  if you don't mind can you give us a quick break down of what other cocker techs have told you/tried? as well as which tolerances have suffered? i would be quite grateful for thee info


                    This thing is a whole saga haha. I So I sent it to ATMF and it was supposed to be a dust finish acid wash with yellow and green like Sprite. This was the reference photo from a similar ano to show the finish I wanted. I sent them a color reference too but can't find that image ATM.

                    I also wanted them to polish out all the mill marks before tumbling the body because it was raw and hadn't had been properly prepped for ano yet. ATMF never sent me photos of it and just sent it back to me when they finished. It came back like this:

                    They'd gotten the green color right but it really wasn't an acid wash. If the whole thing looked like the frame I think I could have lived with it maybe. The photo doesn't really due justice to how bad it was, it looked ok at 5 ft, but once you got up close, it was awful. They didn't polish out any of the mill marks like I'd asked and they hadn't plugged the barrels so the bore were pretty much destroyed, super rough and cratered.

                    So after I complained the story I got from them was basically their ano guy who was doing paintball stuff had been fucking up a lot of things, including my gun. It had gone through the tanks multiple times while he was trying to get my finish right. They actually fired him and stopped doing PB parts for a little bit during this time because of this. I should've just taken the gun and walked at that point but I wanted it done so I agreed to let them have a second shot. The result of that is the one pictured up top. You'll note the mill marks are still not polished out too. By that point I was worried about what the tolerances would be if I let them keep trying.

                    So I can't remember if my teammate or Firpo did the original build. Originally it was maxing out around 170 FPS. Eventually ended up with Firpo. He changed around pretty much all the internals trying to bring it up, and he got it to the current 250-260ish with the hardest spring he could find, with the IVG basically fully cranked. It also gets terrible shootdown once you start shooting. Chris Cole worked on it for a while but didn't achieve any better results. I can't find my conversations with him so can't remember what he tried off hand.

                    The shootdown could probably be fixed with an LPC, but I've never gotten around to installing the one I tracked down afterwards. Beyond that the general consensus is the anodizing just made the tolerances super loose. The bolt has a ton of play in it, a completely custom-turned bolt is probably needed to stop getting blow-by. The back block wiggles in the pump arm threads and I think Firpo was the one who suggested that maybe some of the anodizing is too thick in the transfer tube from improper stripping between attempts and is choking it. There's probably a few other things I'm forgetting but I pretty much haven't touched it in like 7 years.