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Meleager7 Collection

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    Meleager7 Collection

    i'll post up my hoard later but did find a pic of the 3rd gun I've ever owned (1st was brass eagle king cobra, 2nd was a Tippmann vert asa 68-carbine)

    Found it used in a local classifieds paper called Triad. It originally came with that green specked bull barrel, and a 14" nickle plated brass Boa Concealer. Over the time I had it i had upgraded it with a wgp composite slider frame , and a 14" Dye Ultralite with a Lapco .680 sizer. Also had my local pro shop fab up my 12oz co2 tank with anti-siphon matched to that ASA.

    Since sold in the early 2000's Loved that gun, wish I had not taken a pic with a potato so i could read the Serial # !

    Click image for larger version  Name:	snipershort.jpg Views:	24 Size:	50.8 KB ID:	16409
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    Damn, that thing is just my style. Wish you still had it, then I could try and convince you to sell it.

    Then again, I don't really need another sniper. (Need is such a confusing word)
    "but we all have electros and you guys only have pumps, this wont be fair"

    (chuckling quietly) "we know"

    My collection:


      Were waiting lol


      • Meleager7


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        Yeah, I gotta get on this!

      WGP Trilogy SF

      - converted to regular mechanical
      - Planet Eclipse swing frame with a non-PE double trigger shoe
      - Dye stickies
      - Tech-T LPR adapter nut
      - ANS Jackhammer II LPR
      - CP shorty main reg
      - CCM clamping feedneck
      - old school Dye 14" barrel
      - Python sizer kit with a .682 insert

      Overkill for a Trilly, but this gun is lightweight, and plenty fast for me.

      The action shot shows me using this gun at a recent big game, but with the Shocktech slide frame installed (Shocktech frame has internals, and a Shocktech trigger shoe)
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        Warp Feed Rainmaker

        - # 2 of 2 Warp Feed Breech
        ​​​​​​- Custom work / serviced by Jordan ( mad Marty mods, custom bolt, stock reg gutted and chopped down, gadget grip installed)
        - Palmers female Stabilizer
        - Stock board, semi only
        - Hogue palm swells
        - Agd Warp Feed with Agd warp elbow
        Click image for larger version  Name:	0E626F0C-BFC9-4056-9015-5C55A2253534.jpeg Views:	164 Size:	564.7 KB ID:	47550 Click image for larger version  Name:	37E43EF1-EE89-48A6-8621-01814D54E768.jpeg Views:	136 Size:	550.7 KB ID:	47551
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          Rescued Red RF Pre-2k Autococker

          - Battle scarred red Pre-2K Right Feed body, Serial # 14978 (i think this makes it a 1995 cocker)
          - matching red full size back block
          - extra length stock cocking rod
          - Pre-2k AKA Lightning Bolt
          - Stock push pin
          - Stock internals
          - brass clippard ram (rebuilt)
          - brass wgp 3-way (rebuilt)
          - NOS Palmers Rock LPR
          - Pre-98 Benchmark slider frame with cut trigger guard (I'm actually liking this with gloved hands)
          - pre-98 trigger plate and trigger shoe
          - Benchmark wrap around grips
          - New Palmers Stabilizer (High output version 200-900psi)
          - Bob Long Longshot Signature Series barrel ( just for pics, .693 too huge, i'll switch to my freak kit when it comes time to play)
          Click image for larger version

Name:	20201121_105154.jpg
Views:	544
Size:	1.83 MB
ID:	58051 Click image for larger version

Name:	20201121_105234.jpg
Views:	491
Size:	1.73 MB
ID:	58052


            Gen-E Matrix LCD

            - PBC LPR
            - CCM Feedneck
            - Bob Long HPR
            - Dye Ultralite 14" barrel
            - stock internals and lcd board

            Click image for larger version

Name:	74B875F6-E57C-4F47-8C0F-BB083E97522B.jpeg
Views:	414
Size:	887.6 KB
ID:	66977


            • Jordan
              Jordan commented
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            • Alexndl


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              So your the one that got it! It did not last long on Kijiji...
              Nice catch

            Sold/Traded List

            Just a quick post to track all the markers that have passed through my hands since returning to the hobby (Late 2017, picked up a 98 Custom Pro on a whim....)

            - 98 Custom Pro
            - Azodin Kaos Deluxe
            - Tippmann Pro-Am (x2)
            - Mokal Titan
            - Tippmann 68-Special
            - VM-68
            - Nu-Line Bruizer
            - Tippmann Pro-Carbine
            - Tippmann 98 Custom (x2)
            - 90's Minicocker Purple - traded
            - ICD Thundercat - traded
            - Spyder Compact
            - 68-Automag Classic
            - BT4
            - Tippmann A5 (pre-2011)
            - Brass Eagle Poison
            - GOG Enmey
            - Spyder Electra DX

            Considering I've kept more than I've sold, that's a lot of paintball guns!
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              That Matrix... wooooo doggy!😊😎
              “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


                SP Shoebox Shocker 4x4

                - single trigger frame
                - sp wraps
                - gadget grip
                - under barrel mounted MaxFlo reg
                - 9 volt mod
                - on /off button mod
                - sp freak in gunmetal grey
                Click image for larger version  Name:	shocker1.jpg Views:	60 Size:	1.61 MB ID:	71202
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                  .50 Cal Spyder Opus and Opus-A

                  Purple Opus-A

                  - aluminum opus-a trigger frame
                  - kapp gas thru grip
                  - gi sportz .50 cal agitating loader
                  - 32 degrees duckbill asa
                  - Spyder Stormer 14" barrel
                  - First Strike 13/3000 tank

                  Blue\Chrome Opus

                  - ESP electronic E-Frame
                  - kapp gas thru grip
                  - gi sportz .50 cal agitating loader
                  - Taso spyder asa to std asa adapter
                  - Taso duckbill asa
                  - Spyder Stormer 14" barrel
                  - First Strike 13/3000 tank


                    Pre-2K ‘96 Minicocker

                    -Maddman Rocket valve
                    ​​​​​​- Sheridan main spring - heavy weight
                    - Stock hammer, cocking rod
                    - Ans pre-2k quick release bolt
                    - Inception Designs 3-way v.2
                    - Inception Designs Gtr ram
                    - Palmers Rock Lpr
                    - Taso pre-2k volumizer
                    ​​​​​​- Inception Designs Hpr v.3
                    - Shocktech Gen 1 swing frame
                    - Inception Designs timing rod
                    - Dye Stickies
                    - Macdev mini drop forward rail
                    - CP Gen 1 on/off Asa
                    - Bob Long beavertail
                    ​​​​​​- Smart Parts 14” Freak Barrel


                    • Jordan
                      Jordan commented
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                      Slab-side Minicocker *chef's kiss*. Love 'em!

                    • Meleager7


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                      It is indeed a nice vintage!
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