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silverbullet669 - My collection

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    silverbullet669 - My collection

    It's not hoarding if you show it off, right?

    CCM J6/S6

    Orange/Black Fade Eclipse Cocker

    RF BPS Express Cocker

    Inception Midblock FLE (not my picture)

    Custom Anno Tribal Addicted (not my pics)

    Polished PGP (not my pics)

    Carter Buzzard (not my pics)

    Rear Dropout Phantom

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    Guns of the Past:

    PTP Jungle Nights STO

    RF Kapp Razorback (not my pics)

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      Wow, what a collection! I love so many of these guns. If you ever get rid of that PTP STO feel free to send me a PM, I would love that!

      You have several guns from my bucket list up there.

      I will say, I was surprised not to see a single PB Silver Bullet in the collection though🤪.


      • silverbullet669


        Editing a comment
        I wish I still had that PTP, but I sold it years ago. It was a Craigslist find and one of the most complete ones I have seen to date. I've still got a few more worth posting, but I need to get pictures of them soon 😂