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Curly2k3's money pit photo dump 2022!

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    Curly2k3's money pit photo dump 2022!

    I can't find my previous post to edit, so... let's start fresh here. Here is my current collection, as of today (May 14th, 2022) since I needed pictures for insurance anyway.

    FreeFlow Lotus


    AIM Crow E-Blade (will be for sale)

    RaceGun HalfBlock

    Halfblocked Prostock E-Blade (will be for sale)

    Empire Resurrection (will be for sale)

    Sanchez Machine SM-1

    Empire Sniper (will be for sale)

    CCI Phantom (UC'd and likely will be sold)

    CCI Phantom

    2005 MacDev Cyborg

    2007 MacDev Cyborg w/ Nurv accents

    2007 MacDev Cyborg

    MacDev Cyborg Rx

    MacDev Clone GTI (likely to be sold)

    (More to come)

    Part 2, the pit continues to get deeper.

    Planet Eclipse CS1

    Planet Eclipse M170R

    Planet Eclipse LV1.6

    Bob Long G6R- currently being rebuilt, was in really rough shape.

    Bob Long Lasoya Intimidator

    Bob Long Marq Rapper

    J4 Paintball Torque


    JT Impulse (will be sold)

    Alien Invasion (will be sold)

    AKA Viking JMJ Swirl Prototype

    AGD Minimag Pistol

    AGD Automag Custom

    Gen-E Matrix (will be sold)

    Dye DM3

    Tippmann 98C (will get donated away)

    Tippmann 98C (will get donated away)

    32 Degrees PT Xtreme

    Evil Omen Mech Project

    Proto SLG (bought for a buddy, will likely get donated away if he keeps flaking out)

    Smart Parts Impulse (nostalgia trip supreme, should get sold)


      And this is the post where I realize I have a problem and need to clean up and trim down the collection yet again.


      • BrickHaus


        Editing a comment
        Admitting is the first step. I am honestly eyeing everything you have ( will be for sale) on.. like I need it. Haha. I still think I should snag that crow, but I know it'll just hang on the wall.

      • Curly2k3
        Curly2k3 commented
        Editing a comment
        That's more progress than I'll ever make with it, you know where I'm at when you want to add to your collection!

      Pure seks here Chris.


      • Curly2k3
        Curly2k3 commented
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        This is something here. lol

      as a nurv borg owner, i was under the impression that they had gloss black, and gloss green, and they switched parts between them, because thats gloss black, and gloss green, id call that much just as much a nurv borg as mine ever was


      • Curly2k3
        Curly2k3 commented
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        I believe all of them were gloss green initially, based on a conversation with Bourke back at WC when we pushed the Clone out, but it doesn't mean it was accurate or I'm remembering accurately either.

      • Tracker


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        fair enough, but anything gloss was limited edition anyways

        crying shame too that body looks way better gloss

      • Curly2k3
        Curly2k3 commented
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        Oh for sure, the gloss was nice, it's a really low serial number too