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Lawn's Collection

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    Lawn's Collection

    Figured I might as well take some photos of the collection before moving some along that barely (or never) get used. Too bad I wasn't doing photography before I quit the first time around, no photos of those ones back then. The only one I kept was that Viking. Also finally got around to getting brasso for the sheridans.

    I am trying not to add anymore, but I mean it's paintball.. Always on the lookout for a PL Excalibur again

    Hope you enjoy!

    Maybe one of my favorite collections. Great photos too!
    WTB Acid Wash Phantom Parts


      I never should have sold you that Viking Lan!
      But it warms my heart that you have kept it safe for so long.
      Need Inception Designs or Shocktech Products? Let me know!

      MCB Feedback

      old PBN feedback


      • Lawn
        Lawn commented
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        If I ever consider letting it go you know you’ve got first dibs 😎

      love the photography!


        I kinda want to shoot an ICD PRP sometime.


          I came hereto see your walz build. Did not disappoint.

          That lever pgp, is thatoke Sergison did?


          • Lawn
            Lawn commented
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            Yeppp, I was thinking about letting it go but I just got around to actually cleaning it and oiling the moving parts and it's.. warmed up my heart again

          • BrickHaus


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            Ahh. Awesome . I thought it looked familiar. His website says he won't do those anymore so they must suck to make.

            Well, if you grow cold on it, Ill watch for the bst to drop.