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Lt. Head-shot's collection... (Continuously Updated)

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    Lt. Head-shot's collection... (Continuously Updated)

    Currently Owned (in order of most loved)

    Doc's Machine V-Twin #06 aka The Two-nicorn

    RTR Gargoyle #50

    Black Magic in GunCandy Mongoose

    XM8 A5 - Originally the P90 seen below, I tore up a JCS XM8 and used the guts of the P90 to make it work. Unconventional? Sacrilegious? Who's to say.

    Tippmann X7 UMP

    Umarex HDS Double Barrel Shotgun

    Previously Owned (Chronological)

    First Strike PGP

    Dukie Revolver DRV (Velcor will flog me that I never took better pictures of this)



    ADN First Strike Cocker

    Warp Automag

    XSV SL66 Ego

    Carter Comp


    MCS 468

    CIP Box Gun

    WGP Karnivor

    MAD Rifle

    “Space Dragon” Timmy


    CCM S6.5

    CCM S6

    Carter Boxgun w/ Whoosh

    Bonus shot of the Redux, Boxgun and R7 (that I owned for only 3 days for a review/comparison)

    PPS Nasty Houndsphoon

    SC Sniper (Rainbow Damascus)

    CCI Phantom (red black acid wash)

    WGP Karnivor Pro Edition

    Planet Eclipse Emek with Inception Designs Green Apple Body.

    Bought a blank KPCS autococker body and milled a little bit. Hid the bolt and pump arm, 45'd the edges. Refinished the grips, and custom made the all brass pump handle. Was a fun build inspired by Firefly.

    First Strike Roscoe


    Line SI Bushmaster

    MAD Customs KP Rifle


    And then I parted the stock... and made a new one, inspired by the M14 EBR.

    Complete with adjustable stock function via a button/slider in the back



    Dye Era Carter Buzzard, with "Samurai" grips by oDm.




    Stained Works #26

    MG100 G36

    Metadyne Havok

    Sterling STP

    "Ice Damascus" Paintjob on the silver duck... Now stripped off and back to silver.

    ​ ​
    Old setup that is now "Godzilla"



    Carter Machine Desert Duck - "Darkwing Duck"

    The RELIC - Custom autococker. Started as a KPCS blank, was milled, mini-d and done up in stone paintwork. Something worthy of Dr. Jones...

    Splatmaster with metal internal "Kit" kit




    Spyder Hammer Bolt Action




    Carter Machine Desert Duck- "Silver Samurai"


    PPS K Frame Pug.... Never even aired it up

    KPCS "Silver Splash Samurai"

    CCM “Ace” Revolver 43 cal conversion

    Flatline Autococker

    Nummech Necrococker "GODZILLA"


    Dukie DRV Custom

    Tec 9 MG100

    Lapco Grey Ghost

    Photos TBD

    Longbow Autococker
    Doc Nickel Vee-Twin
    Last edited by Lt. head-shot; 11-03-2022, 11:30 AM.

    Reserved... I'll run out of room eventually.


      Its crazy how similar our taste in markers is. Beautiful collection.


        Wow ! My favorite is the Umm , no wait it’s , nope it has to be ughhh no it’s. Oh man I can’t choose but that is an awesome collection right there.


        • Lt. head-shot

          Lt. head-shot

          Editing a comment
          Hahaha I do the same thing! The Duck is my favorite wall hangar, but the Ace revolver is SOOOOOO much fun to shoot, but the Necrococker turned out so well... Oh look there I go doing it again.

        The serial number on your Karnivor pump, 1252, is the trail/site number of a place I used to camp as a kid. Affectionately known as "suicide hill" because it was a really steep straight downslope after a long hike. That gun looks pretty cool as a pump too.

        Great collection, thanks for sharing!


          Love that red and black phantom, looks similar to mine!


            Bump, have bought and sold quite a bit, and some new builds...


              I’m working my way up that list. Let me know when you are ready to pass that Carter Ducky along. That thing makes me moist….


                Life goals here.....

                That Airowgun has become my go to (for as many games as my back allows in a day).

                How much did you spend putting together that necrococker?

                What is that mayan thing?


                • Lt. head-shot

                  Lt. head-shot

                  Editing a comment
                  Airowgun is a blast! Probably around... $1500 for the necro? The Mayan thing is a fun build I did after I was bored and binged Indiana Jones 1-3.

                I messed my shorts due to scrolling through your collection. Leaving now to get new underwear.

                beautiful markers all around. Your collection is quite well rounded.
                Rockin' a Phantom and a T2...CCI & CCM for the win.

                My Feedback:


                  You willing to let one of your Comp or Buzzards go to a good home? I’m highly interested. Lemme know.


                  • Lt. head-shot

                    Lt. head-shot

                    Editing a comment
                    Those are all long gone. The collection has 2 categories - Currently owned and Previously owned. Anything under previous has already been sold. Thanks though!