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Cave_Hero’s Collection

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    Cave_Hero’s Collection

    Here are some I have currently or have had. Thanks for stopping by.

    BPS Twister Autococker (99 of 150)

    Kapp Classic in Confetti (1 of 10 in the classic body)

    Belsales Predator Autococker

    2009 Shocktech SFT Autococker

    Splat Attack Revenge Autococker

    RF Belsales Evolution Autococker

    Green Belsales Evolution Autococker

    Tequila Sunrise Belsales Evolution Autococker

    ’99 Belsales Evolution Autococker in SE ano

    Mini Belsales Evolution Autococker

    Custom Belsales Evolution Autococker

    Eclipse Autococker in Purple splash

    Eclipse Autococker in ICE splash

    Warped Sportz Dark Autococker

    Warped Sportz Dark Autococker w/ CCM pump kit

    WGP STO Autococker

    Eclipse Minimag in ICE splash w/ Jacko barrel

    Eclipse Minimag in Crazy Black splash

    5th Gen Micromag SE (1 of possibly 15)

    ‘Smart’ Minimag

    Black Teflon Automag

    AGD RT Mag with Z grip

    AGD RT Mag with Euro body

    AGD RT Mag with Black Teflon body

    Eclipse Shoebox Shocker in Bonzai splash

    Smart Parts Shoebox Shocker SF

    PVI Shocker in Crazy Black splash

    Early WDP Angel LCD

    WDP Angel LCD Fly

    Adrenalin Angel LCD

    Cobra Angel LCD (1 of 2 in this ano)

    ‘97 WDP Angel LED

    WDP Angel LED SE (Brand new in box)

    WDP Angel LED Truth Series

    WDP Angel LED Alien Abduction (1 of 10 in this color)

    WDP Angel LED Euro

    Warped Sportz Dark Angel LED

    Warped Sportz Dark Angel LED

    Eclipse Angel LED (1 of 1 ano)

    Eclipse Angel LED in Speedy Blue splash

    Eclipse Angel LED in Fire splash

    Eclipse Angel LED in Bonzai splash

    Eclipse Angel LED in ICE splash

    Eclipse Angel LED in Electric Skies splash

    Eclipse Bushmaster in Electric Skies splash

    OG AKA Excalibur

    Custom LP Millennium with Hyper frame and AKA parts

    Spyder with Crazy Black splash Super Starter Kit (SP)

    Bob Long Millennium with Knucklebuster frame

    Power Paintball Products Scorpion

    ICD Bobcat

    ICD Alleycat

    Joker STP (Poor man’s Westwood)

    PMI Piranha EXT (first gun I bought new as a kid)

    Brass Eagle Raptor with Super Starter Kit (SP)

    Nu-Line Bruizer

    Eclipse Sterling in ICE splash

    Sterling (1 of 4 in this ano)

    Sterling in Purple ano
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      You can copy the BBcode link from imgur to post the photos or add [img][/img] tags around your links


        One of the best collections!


          Those are some gorgeous splash colors. I especially like that Purple Sterling.


            Tequila sunrise is lit af.


              Even if you owned just the cockers this would be one of my favorite collections.


                Added a Scorpion. I had one of these when I was in 6th grade I think, WAY back when.




                    That charcoal splash LED is legit.

                    Those slip-on feednecks the Angels are wearing look exactly like what my Arrow Precision Inferno(s) came with.
                    If you need to talk, I will listen. Leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I get it.
                    IGY6; 503.995.0257



                      This is amazing!


                        Thank y’all


                          This is the nicest collection I have ever seen.


                            Those old school eclipses are still the best looking markers out there. Mags and cockers alike. Though, a sweet westwood is easy on the eyes too.


                              Thank y’all. I hope to have a Westwood one day. It’s my unicorn.