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Pballer413 Collection Thread

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    Pballer413 Collection Thread

    This is about 90% of my current collection always working on adding more pieces so will work on getting everything posted and keeping this up to date. I try not to have any wall hangers so I have included photo's of the markers being used at Scenario events when I come across them. Fortunately I have been playing a good amount the last few years so these markers have been getting out more often, unfortunately that means I have less time to tech than I used to so some of these are in project status.

    Planet Eclipse

    Twistr Geo 4, the Geo 3.5 has been one of my favorite guns to shoot so when I saw the Geo 4 coming out I was very interested to try one but figured I would wait to get something used. When I saw the Twistr Geo 4 coming out I knew that I wanted to add it to my collection.


    Air Assault Paintball Veterans Day Guns, I was in the Marines and my office is a mix of military and paintball so military themed paintball markers just seem like a fit.
    Quote from Air Assauly regarding the Markers
    “Here at Air Assault Paintball we remember Veterans Day every year. Veterans Day is not only a public holiday dedicated to honoring United States military, it was also is a day to remember the end of World War I. Every year Veterans Day falls on November 11th and is not to be confused with Memorial Day. Veterans Day celebrates the service of all Military Veterans, while Memorial Day is a day of remembering fallen men and women who gave their lives while in service. Although there is no mail service on this day we will be open for paintball play. In honor of both our current and fallen military Air Assault Paintball has released multiple limited edition Planet Eclipse veteran paintball markers since 2009. Two of the most memorable editions being the USMC EGO 11 and the POW*MIA LV1”

    POW MIA LV1.5 (1 of 12). This is the first gun I have bought new since the release of the Ion. I wish it was released in the rising sun theme as well but beggars can't be choosers I guess. I paired this up with a pair of CSL screws and barrel tip. This is my main marker.

    Game Play at Living Legends 11

    POW MIA LV1 Rising Sun (1 of 12). I really like the rising sun version of this and would keep this over my LV1.5. May make a few changes to this eventually but instantly one of my favorites.

    United States Marine Corps EGO 11 (1 of 12). Designed by Gary Reiersen and produced exclusively by Planet Eclipse for Air Assault Paintball. I searched for this gun for years. I am still working on my “man cave” which will be a blend of paintball and Marine Corps so this is the perfect piece for me. Currently has two matching barrel backs, CSL screw kit, DART Kit, and some custom Walnut grips that I designed/made

    Gameplay at 3rd annual Halo game at Commando Paintball

    Rising Sun POW MIA Geo (1 of 12). This marker was the second marker in my collection, first Air Assault. The "rising sun" POW is still one of my favorite designs. This was my main marker for years, I upgraded it with IV core has three barrel backs and shoots great. Recently kind of retired it as I am using my LV1.5 was sing the LV1.5 as my main. Will still get used as rec ball days.

    Had a teammate using this for Commando Paintballs Star Wars

    Banzai Splash Geo 3, this was a custom anno that I purchased from someone. I am not sure who did the anno but it looks great I have three matching backs and this will be one of my backups this year.

    Apocalypse Geo 3 (1 of 50)

    Troll CS1 Private Label by Boston Paintball (1 of 20) Not a big CS1 fan but I like the idea of the artwork, and you may be able to see from my collection artwork sticks out to me. It is an angelic battle with angels on one side and demons on the other.

    EMEK if you haven't shot one of these guns you are missing out. I pack this for every game now as my bad weather / low paint / loaner / fun gun. I was honestly surprised how smooth they shoot probably swing for a pops eventually but for the money it is a great gun

    Battle of Monte Casino at Paintball To Go

    Hurricanes SL8r (1 of 24?) Marker is in good condition full barrel kit I really like the white and blue combo on these

    Icon Geo 2

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    ODD Markers

    My ODD Collection for those not familiar with Odis Driftwood Designs they use to offer very custom designs for guns. I generally don't feel the (1 of 1 guns) due to lasering or anno but I do hold ODD guns on a different level. If you would like to see more of their work is a site that is kind of a tribute to them and the other guns that they did.

    My ODD 07 Ego #21 Juggernaut


    My ODD 07 Ego #18 Roy


    -My ODD Proto #41 I remember seeing this on ODD"s site when they were around and it made me decide that I would send something in for them to do work on one of mine. Unfortunately when I got out of the marine's they were no longer around, so when I saw this come up for sale I was excited to get it. I was told by previous owner that it has never been used in a game before and it looks that way.
    cp reg
    cp on off
    cp barrel (someone has two matching backs that were parted when sold)
    Hater board
    orange bolt






      DLX Luxe Nebula Plated (1 of 1 Test Gun from factory) Stole some information from prior owners because they had done some research and added some of my own findings below.

      Justice Paintball stated that there was originally 3 aurora/nebula plated markers came from factory (1 was a test body for aurora; 1 was a test body for Nebula, and the 3rd was a fully completed Luxe in aurora). The one I have pictured below is the Test Body for Nebula.

      Through my own research I see that a user on pbnation cutstep (no longer active) appears to have been the one doing the aurora for ODD at the time. He mentions that aurora plating can peel and anyone that has owned or seen the aurora 07 ego parts may have witnessed this. Cutstep mentions if applied properly you wont have this issue and I will say that this Luxe has been applied correctly, it shows definite wear to the point of the aurora finish looking chrome where it was handled heavily but there are no signs of pitting or flaking on the gun. In Cutstep's thread he does state that he did a luxe for Darryl trent which would coincide with the information from TorontoCore and Justice Paintball.

      Nebula I got this gun in and TorontCore had done some modernizing but I wanted to do a bit more. I part swapped the frame from a gloss black OLED Luxe so this is now an OLED all the way around except the body and eye covers

      Bad pic but game pic at Battlefiled Paintball in Osseo WI

      See above, this was one of the three test bodies as well (the aurora) only seemed fitting to end up back where it belonged. Since I brought the Nubula up to speed I wanted to do the same with the Aurora. I bought a white OLED but I wasn't happy with the combo so I ended up getting a T800 OLED Luxe and swapped the bodies. End result pretty shiny but I am pretty happy with the looks.

      DLX Luxe 1.5 Eggplant with Encore



        IM9 Claret & Champagne (my favorite colorway the came in) I first saw the IM9's when a friend showed me a picture right before we came back from Iraq (forgot the magazine but this was in 2009). I saw this exact color IM9 and decided I would buy one. I was deployed for most of 09 so I wasn't able to get a new one but I did eventually get one in my collection. I have had a few other IM9's as well (Ice and the black and red). This one is in great cosmetic condition the crosses are still red which always faded on these.

        Boom M2 M2's are great shooters although I didn't plan on keeping one in my collection. This one does have some sentimental value to me as Boom is a local team and back in the day I used to play against and even with them in a few tournaments. So to see all these years later that they had their own marker figured I would keep one around.



          Just got this cocker in and it really is a team gun that I am very happy to hold on to. Paintball to Go in Roodhouse IL had a scenario game Battle on Monte Casino that Dan Colby and Bud Orr both generaled at the last two years. The team I am on played both years and this year the field hosted a "Top Gun" pump tournament the night before the game started. They took 50 volunteers and gave us all Sniper auto cockers and we played 1v1 to see who would be the Top Gun. The team I am on SAS Yeti Squad entered almost all of our players to increase our chances of winning even though most of us have never played pump but fortunately the plan worked and the final match was two of our players playing against each other. The guy that won the gun is not a big cocker guy so he knew myself and another teammate would really appreciate it. Bud said he thinks this is a one of three in this fade and this one was never issued out and came with the box that both Bud and Dan Colby signed at the event.


          (1 of 10) Plated Karnivor

          Inception Designs (1 of 50) Twistr Autocockers with a tri fade anno. This thing may make me put my Emek into retirement.

          First Cocker project is my Spanky graveyard autococker, these were individually airbrushed then clear coated. Because of this there is some variations from gun to gun which I think is awesome, unfortunately I don't have the matching shroud. It shows some use but still a great gun and my first pump

          Excited for my first cocker build, wanted a convertible ripper for awhile so when these came up at PBE I knew I would be getting at least one... Will take me awhile and still debating getting another do do a pump and a mech but we will see.

          Inception Ripper Sniper I really like the milling on this even more then the standard ripper another body I bought as soon as they came out. I got offered more money than I could turn down for that one and years later found one for sale that I couldn't resist. May be an anno project down the road, I am planning on making it mechanical as well since I don't play pump

          Splash Autococker I believe this is a Bob Long Autococker body project marker for sure but great looking anno

          Earon Carter Buzzard stock class Cocker I don't really play pump but this marker looks awesome may have to go through it and give it a try project marker

          Flatline Autocoker I bought this in a Lot of 60 plus guns and this things had dirt caked on it. Still a neat marker I will need to get it going and brought out to the field at some point
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            I used to avoid these when everyone was trading axe plus cash, but eventually I joined a scenario team were the majority of the players used them so I scooped one up as a team loaner and realized how simple they are. Great guns for the money easy to maintain fairly cheap to replace parts if needed. At one point I owned about 20 but have since skimmed down. I really like the ripper bodies so I will keep that one and I usually keep another one or two to loan out while at the field to new players.

            1 of 1 Factory Anno by BPS. Boston Paintball released 4 final Twistr Bodies in 1 off splashes (I gave one to a teammate and currently have the other 3 of the 4 in my collection)

            Gameplay at Blast Camp Paintball "The Purge"

            2nd 1 of 1 Splash bodies referenced above

            Gameplay from Blastcamps Battle of Hoth

            3rd 1 of 1 Splash bodies referenced above

            Vanquish SS "TWISTR Vanquish" (1 of 20) Similar to the SSX below but these bodies have a bid more meat on the "ribs" to give that TWISTR look

            Vanquish SSX (1 of 40) To stay with the Boston Paintball Theme I bought one of the SSX Vanquishes. Laser job done by CK, I think I would prefer it without the laser and maybe with a straight gloss anno to see the milling more but still a marker to keep in the collection

            Vanquish SSX (1 of 40) To stay with the Boston Paintball Theme I bought one of the SSX Vanquishes. I wasn't the biggest fan of the lasering on the first one that I bought so when I saw this one come up I figured the Red White and Blue kind of fit my collection a bitt better

            “USMC” Axe Pro. Unfortunately this gun is in my collection because I would be to embarrassed to sell it. There was a user on here that was offering free laser to a certain amount of users as a proof of work. He did 5 jobs and I was the 5th free one. After seeing the others I was hopeful, he asked me for some ideas before hand, and I though it would be a good color to do a military theme with. I sent a few pictures for ideas as he asked and unfortunately the pictures look pixelated and there was no other lasering done so it looks pretty empty as well. I sent an axe for a reason and it was free so I won’t complain (other then here) but some day I may need try to, send in for additional lasering

            Defender Project
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              Bob Long

              Bob Long Marq, honestly not a gun I really thought I would have in my collection but I liked the anno work and figured it was a pretty neat piece to have

              I don't know as much about Timmy's as I would like. The A-Bomb and Naughty Dogs have always been some of my favorite millings available on these. I did have a new Ripper in candy apple red project that I sold in 2017 since I wasn't able to build it at that time and I regret to this day.

              A-Bomb Timmy, have had few of these come and go and always had intentions to get them anno'd but have been dragging my feet for a few years don’t let the collection fool you I am cheap). This one is in good condition and I intend to get it anno'd eventually but I think it still looks good for the time being. Again this marker came out in 2004 and I believe was the lightest intimidator of the series.
              Well I finally sent one out for anno pics following the progress and review will be below when I have them.

              Naughty Dogs

              Dragon Project this gun needs to be rebuilt completely. I bought this in a lot with 14 other Timmy's and while I was going through them my at the time 4 year old daughter who loves dinosaurs and dragons said she would buy it. I told her to get her money and she paid 35 cents for it she has since bought a dye cf barrel with PGA green tip that kind of matches the gun. I guess this will be her upgrade from the ebolted 98

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                X-Mill B2K just really dug the anno on this marker, so decided to add it to the collection.

                Unibody Phantom

                PPS Nasty Typhoon

                PPS Nasty Squall

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                  Smart Parts

                  Shockers I remember when the ads for the first SFT shocker came out, it was instantly the coolest gun in my opinion. Half my team switched I couldn't afford the switch but I have always owned a shocker since I started collecting. I owned almost all the PL bodies (never had a Gmax or Pre Cup strange) at one point but never used them so I sold them. Now I just have the few in my collection

                  Signature Series NXT Project shocker. Recently saw the signature series Angel Fragoza Ghetto Superstar 006 for sale and scooped it up.

                  Galaxy Dynasty NXT

                  SFT Dynasty Shocker

                  Shocker bought this from a online store that listed it as ugly bad anno and didn’t say if worked or not. It this was listed pretty cheap and I like brown guns so decided to scoop it up. The eyes don't work and it looks like it has been in some wars but for 89 I am happy

                  Dynasty Ion wanted to convert this to a mech...eventually

                  HK RSX Shocker, I generally don't buy HK markers but I really do like the milling on the HK RSX Shockers so was happy to get one of these in my collection.


                  20th Anniversary Edition 98 custom, this is still NIB and may be on display. I still debate throwing an Ebolt on it and just playing with it.

                  98 Custom w/ebolt was one of my first guns. (if you don't count the Brass Eagle Eradicator that lasted all of one day of play). My friends and I had done a lot of home mods (vert feed before they had a kit to the 98's when we first started playing, cut in half mod to make bolt cleaning easier, trigger stop, new springs, everything we read about on tippmann forums or thought about back then)and I used one on my first team. Then when I sold the e-bolt to help fund a shocker purchase and joined the marines. When I returned home my 98 which was disassembled and missing pieces from being relocated at my parents house. This is my replacement to my old 98 Custom and it is a PTP Nickel Plated Model 98 with the following upgrades
                  - PTP Nickled Model 98
                  - Psychobalistics Model 98 Ebolt Kit
                  - Palmers Micro Rock
                  - GTA Low Pressure Kit
                  - Nickled WGP Ergo Reg
                  - Dye Mini drop
                  - Lukes Customs Metal Grip Panels
                  - Metal Powertube
                  - Delrin front bolt with inner o-ring
                  - Stainless Steel screws and nuts
                  - Lapco feed (comes with clear, stock, and powerfeed feednecks)


                    Joker Ace these are sometimes referred to as the poor man's Westwood as it has the 5 scoops. This one is in a Factory anno of dark blue to light blue with a white splash. Pretty awesome marker missing the stock barrel but great looking marker

                    Airstar Nova 700 these are project markers that I hope to get to someday the anno on them is just awesome so I will keep one for my collection for sure

                    Saving space for future markers for now I will include pictures of customer grips I have made

                    CSL Clear Acrylic

                    Walnut Grips for My POW Geo

                    USAF Grips for Bomber Geo
                    2nd set

                    Mirrored Acrylic for an SLS with writing showing through

                    Clear acrylic for my custom annod A-Bomb since I didn't want to hide the anno.

                    Custom Wood Team Grips for Axe

                    Plain Wood for Axe

                    Twistr Grips for Axe

                    Black Acrylic for Axe

                    White Acrylic Ego 10

                    Mirrored Gold for SL94

                    Herring Bone Tile look for 09 Ego


                      Slow clap begins... great collection. For me the flatline autococker and 20 anniversary tippy 98 were my favorites. Kind of an odd pair... but one is foundational block of the sport of paintball and the other is a super quirky and unique item we will never see again. Thumbs up, sir.


                        My fav was the NIB orracle, got to see you get it in person. I was at the same big game and wanted to enter the pump event but i got there late and missed getting a spot before it filled up. Probably for the best cause I would of stuck a reg on it and played with it and eventually it would get dinged up like all my markers do. .


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                          It was a great event, kind of looking for a stock reg and ASA to put on it to try and make it complete.

                        • MrKittyCatMeowFace


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                          pballer413! I'd put a ergo reg on it instead of a orracle one. But that's how i would want it to look. . Your right though, an original reg would be more correct.

                        An e-bolt won't fit in the 20th Anniversary 98, only an egrip or R/T will.

                        Were you on back in the day? It was *the* place for 98 modders. I miss that place.


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                          Good to know, to be honest it has been in it's box since I got in on an ebay auction. I guess that answered my question.
                          I was on the Tippman forums back in the day, actually met up with the A5OG as a young 14 year old at the Tippman World Challenge in the early 2000's. Spent hours on the forums reading about doing mods to the 98 custom and then would go to my buddies garage and try them out. I think we had one of the first couple vert fed 98's and A5's. Took it to a drill press and then JB welded a feed neck on it before the rufus dawg kits where a thing.

                        Awesome collection. That Outkast pump is sweet


                          um. wow. I'm loving the bomber Geo, and the Nebula, and Aurora, and pretty much all of them. 🍻
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