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Haywood's Guns

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    Haywood's Guns

    Time to re-make this thread, it will be an on-going process.

    As always, I have to start with AKA and what better marker to start with than one of the crown jewels?

    2004 AKA Viking DC-FSP Highlander

    The only DC milled Highlander in existence. Most purists wouldn't cut up a work of art but someone decided to do just that. 1 of 25 to begin with, List of mods include:

    -1 of 25 2004 vikings milled in this pattern. Additional milling done by Destructive Customs.
    -Highlander Milling (Designed by Action Pursuit Paintball milled by JMJ Concepts)
    -DC FSP Front Milling
    -DC Butt Crack Milling
    -Custom DC Top Tube Milling with Matching Bolt
    -DC Diet Tray Milling
    -DC Grip Frame Diet Milling
    -DC Dove Tail Milling
    -DC Hidden Noid Pocket Milling
    -DC Tear Drop Milling

    -Type III Pewter Anodizing
    -Tadao M5 Board
    -Robtown Valve System
    -Quad Detents
    -SCM III
    -DC Volumizer
    -JMJ Reverse Trigger with Magnet
    -CP Pro Mini On/Off ASA
    -Kapp Reverse Drop
    -Stainless Steel Hardware Throughout
    -Hybrid Grips
    -Lapco Bigshot 14" Barrel
    -Original Stock Javelin Barrel
    -A+ Clamping Feedneck with Lever Lock

    Click image for larger version  Name:	eAbKwvA.jpg Views:	0 Size:	99.7 KB ID:	8229

    Click image for larger version  Name:	lVNLVNn.png Views:	371 Size:	363.8 KB ID:	87861

    Ripper Evil Ehm

    Evil Ehms were the next progression for AKA but after the Smart Parts lawsuit, they were left with many extrusions that never got milled so we have no idea what the actual factory body was going to look like. The ehm was essentially a stacked tube viking and used a merlin extrusion with some additional internal airway milling. Only years after AKA had gone under did the extrusions surface. When this happened, many decided to make their own and really no two are alike as it's a totally custom marker that uses only a handful of parts from the 04 Viking. All milling, grip frames, VASAs, bolts, etc were left to the owner to design/build.

    This build was done with meticulous care and has some of the best/rarest parts out there.

    body milled by user cs900 (metalmods)
    aka 2 liter +
    anodized ccm air fittings
    bluefork t2 frame (extremely rare, also dovetailed)
    virtue cyborg board
    std lpr
    custom grip panels (coming soon)
    inception designs barrel
    inception designs asa
    custom vasa
    moruem bolt
    Ano by caustic customs

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Z6PJZaF.jpg Views:	0 Size:	179.7 KB ID:	8256

    Click image for larger version  Name:	RRBbjD3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	423.4 KB ID:	8257

    Splat Attack Merlin Revenge V2

    Story taken from splat attacks' website (Seen below)

    "The Revenge Story

    It all began in late 1998 when a well-known paintball store in Washington State decided it was time to take a step towards separating themselves from the competition. For years Splat-Attack Paintball Supplies out of Kent, Washington had been known locally as a custom shop specializing in upgrading Cocker-based guns. With the likes of Jon Richardson of Team Avalanche constantly customizing his own marker, Splat-Attack had perfected their own “Custom Cocker”. The next step was supplying the growing need for main bodies. As a small shop, getting the parts from the big companies was not easy. After several unsuccessful attempts to get main bodies they called on a company that had been assisting them on many components of their already successful low-pressure markers, AKALMP. They told them of the unavailability of blank bodies to create their own distinct look and were informed that the process had already begun to bring a new aftermarket body to the public.

    Soon after a “meeting of minds” with AKALMP, production of the Revenge began in mid May of 1999. Soon after that, AKALMP and Splat-Attack were named in a lawsuit alleging the Revenge had infringed on the “trade dress” of the STO Autococker. After nine months of hearings and court appearances the lawsuit was dismissed on Jan 20, 2000. Although no one really wins when the lawyers get involved; we won.

    In early 2000 full production of the Revenge began. First of many changes came soon after starting with a new look to the body by adding special milling, used only on the Revenge. Next was an update of the trigger. Tired of sanding, polishing, and fitting each trigger plate Air smith Eric Aho, Revenge masterminds Steve Caldon, and Doug Fujimoto contacted AKALMP once again with the complaint of poor quality sears and trigger plates. Before long AKALMP developed sears and trigger plates that would require less work and allow for a much better feeling trigger. Also updated was the front gas block. Because the fit of the front block is so important for a precise function, we had to have one made for us. Its unique features make it fit better and is stronger too.

    As of May 2000 Splat Attack has sold many Revenges and almost every marker has its own unique feel and look. With the constant demand for this marker, Splat-Attack has now a series of house colors in an effort to have a surplus on hand. Splat Attack also is so confident of The Revenge that they offer a limited LIFETIME warranty.

    New changes have been implemented with the addition of a redesigned front block, smaller pneumatics, a new body design, and engraved Revenge logo. These newest twists show that Splat Attack is constantly changing the Revenge to make it stand out from the competition."

    Click image for larger version  Name:	S5MVMeh.jpg Views:	0 Size:	654.3 KB ID:	8260

    2004 AKA Viking Bonebrake

    1 of 10 2004 vikings milled in this pattern? Not sure on the real number but I've been told this by multiple sources. Please correct me if I'm wrong here.
    Cotton Candy ano
    Ebisu board
    nervous trigger

    Used by both Thane and Dozer on one of Dan's factory feeder teams. Lots of history with this one.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	6zdlKgn.jpg Views:	0 Size:	593.7 KB ID:	8262

    2004 Immortal Viking

    1 of 25 2004 Vikings milled in this pattern. This milling was basically a back of the napkin drawing that came to fruition and looks really neat despite being minimal in design.
    Designed by On Target Entertainment (Milled by JMJ Concepts)
    Tadao Ebisu Board
    JMJ Trigger
    Matching Javelin Barrel

    1 of 3 2003 PBX AKA Excalibur

    Quite possibly the rarest AKA production milling out there. A full CNC program was written to produce only three of these bodies.

    Milled by PBX (Paintballistix)
    First gen Powerlyte Scepter barrel
    Humphrey solenoids
    WAS board
    DC eye mod (done after milling so spacers were made to fill the body gap. Notice the eye cover on the passenger side is a one-off)
    Hogue Palm Swell Grips
    CCM rail and feedneck
    JMJ trigger
    Type III Stone ano.

    Aces High AKA Merlin

    1 of 17 total, 1 of 7 from the second run with additional milling according to Young Choi who made these

    "There are a total of 17 floating out there. Wolf13 owned one from the first batch, but yours is one of the second batches that we made. Everyone loved the color scheme and they sold quite fast. We used different parts as far as the front block goes and used a screw to balance the sear spring better. We did away with with trying to polish the trigger plate and went with ANS trigger plates as we tried to get the shortest and snappiest trigger pull. We also did more extensive milling on the second batch guns."

    I recently spoke to Young Choi about this specific marker and it was actually one he used personally for awhile. PK Selective did the anodizing and believe it or not the minireg is what he used on it from day one. These markers didn't share the same parts so no 2 were ever exactly alike.

    This marker was left in the elements by the previous owner so all the pneumatics need to be replaced as well as the screws. The ano is a little rough in spots but it should clean up decently. Surprisingly it cycles smoothly which I was amazed at... unfortunately it's missing the matched anodized frame that these came with and I have absolutely no idea how to track it down other than looking for it somewhere in Washington where these were made.

    The restoration process so far entails:

    New jackhammer LPR
    New Belsales 3way Hollowpoint
    New Freeflow Ram
    Matched anodized AKALMP Hinge Frame by Caustic Customs
    New AKA Hammer and Spring
    Polished Bolt
    Sidewinder HPR
    Inception Designs Stella Barrel
    Inception Designs On/Off
    New AKA Banjo Bolt
    AKA Clamping Feedneck

    Evil Ehm #2

    Body and tray milled by Travis W
    Modified 07 ego frame
    Virtue OLED board
    Custom MorueM bolt
    04 Viking ram cartridge
    Custom VASA by Chris Nelson
    Parabolic Phi barrel set
    AKA Tornado Valve
    AKA Sidewinder Regulator
    Quad Detents
    CP direct mount on/off
    Quad Detents
    AKA no-rise clamping feedneck
    Smoke SPD grip panels
    Anodizing by Blizzard
    Lots and lots of hours

    Kraken Autococker

    Basically a radically milled Merlin

    ID pneumatics
    Niche 45 Frame
    ID stella
    ID on/off
    Shocktech Bolt
    ID and Meteor feednecks
    Tornado Valve
    Arc Anodizing

    2003 Streamline AKA Excalibur

    I wish I knew more about these other than the fact that they were milled by JMJ. Very rare.

    2003 Sam Rhodes AKA Excalibur

    I don’t know much about these. Very few bodies were milled by Sam and most were Vikings so this one is especially rare. These were all milled by hand on a manual mill and no two bodies that Sam did were the same to my knowledge.

    2003 JMJ Swirl Viking

    2002 AKA Excalibur

    Pandora board
    JMJ Sling Trigger
    Aluminum Bolt Pin
    Clamping feedneck (Bart Parts norider?)
    Eyes added by Destructive Customs

    Dual solenoid closed bolt action. Such a smooth marker and efficient as anything out there.

    2003 AKA Viking

    Not much to say other than it is still one of my favorite guns to shoot even to this day

    This was my very first AKA marker. I bought it from some sketchy local field website in another state. Sold a lot of items of mine at a garage sale to fund it and it was all worth it. No matter how neglected this gun was it never went down. It was used in tournaments when the other flashy guns went down and was ball on ball accurate. I routinely got flagged by refs thinking I was ramping/bouncing but the gun was just that fast.

    WAS Equalizer Board
    SCM III not pictured

    2005 Destructive Customs Milled MacDev Cyborg

    Virtue board, red laser eyes

    Not many of these were done by Jared, I've heard it's 1 of 7.

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    Dynasty Cobra Mamba IR3 Team Gun

    With dragon tattoo in place of the typical cobra tattoo. (1 of 12 made for the team)

    Who didn't love dynasty growing up? Now lower your hands you filthy liars. The guys were just killing it in nearly every event they played. Before the SP sponsorship they played with WDP markers and I always stared at these IR3s in the magazines. I'm not sure which player owned this one (possibly Brad Maughan) but luckily it was not drilled for eyes like so many were at the time. These were made by Cobra for the team and instead of the typical cobra on the side of the IR3s, this one has the dynasty dragon along the side. On the left side of the gun there is a faint outline of "Dynasty" that was caused by a sticker left on too long.

    Impact Angel IR3

    1/25 I believe. Made by Mark Costa of Impact Paintball, WDP’s first technician

    I had to buy one of these because this was supposed to be my very first high end marker. I was young and mistakenly posted the ebay listing (15 years ago?) to the angel forum asking if it was a decent price. This alerted everyone to it and the price shot through the roof immediately which was soul crushing since I had my heart set on it. That particular marker was red/black fade with murder inc devil logos in place of the impact logo. I’d pay stupid money for that one if it ever surfaced. Found this one listed not long ago and it brought back all the memories so I sprang for it. Cool milling style but not very practical. Just how I like my markers.

    THE Impact IR3 Angel I'd been looking for (Murder Inc Team Gun)

    Well, I finally tracked one down 16 years later. As referenced previously, this was always the one that got away... The very first high end electro I was going to purchase before getting sniped on ebay. My fault for posting in the wdp forums on here asking about it. Someone found the link and posted it allowing the vultures to swoop in. I had $400 saved from working that summer and I couldn't go any higher. The marker sold for $410, absolute heart breaker. I never forgot about that... So these were just the standard 1/25 Impact IR3s from Impact paintball but Mark Costa took a few of the red/black fades and replaced the jewels with the murder inc logo and the team used these in the 2003 NPPL season. Nothing particularly special about it other than my nostalgia for it. Well that and it's still 1/25 in this color

    So happy to check this box finally, I have the other impact but the devil logo was a dead giveaway this was one of the ones I was after. It was also purchased from one of the angel master techs

    Click image for larger version  Name:	NpRtcgo.jpg Views:	764 Size:	1.32 MB ID:	87856

    Click image for larger version  Name:	700Dc1n.jpg Views:	723 Size:	1.10 MB ID:	87857

    Angel GAT

    Custom flat black ano done by ATMF
    Virtue board (recently switched to enoch)
    JDS lpr
    Freak tip
    Ultra lite barrel

    Rock IR3

    I had one of these many years ago, one of 150 made I believe

    Click image for larger version

Name:	0JFwc0A.jpg
Views:	44
Size:	342.3 KB
ID:	175680

    Rasta Angel A4 Fly

    I’m not huge on these but they were certainly iconic so I had to pick one up. They are surprisingly hard to come by.

    Adrenaline Angel LCD

    These were designed by James Graley of Adrenaline paintball and anodized by Piers Wiggett of PK Selective Anodizing. Piers put out some absolutely beautiful anodizing patterns that rival today's best and some have yet to ever be reproduced on par (See thunderstruck). The marker is polished to a near glass finish, definitely had a lot of time put into it. There were about 300 Adrenalin Angel LCDs made. It was a truly custom Angel just like the Cobra. You could specify anodizing, milling, barrel, trigger frame, etc. The anodizing was usually done in batches of 4-5 guns. Pricing started at around $1,600 and went all the way up into the $3,000 range depending on what you wanted.

    Some of the parts or mods to the Adrenalin Angels are:
    breech knob
    milled detent
    milled minireg (two styles)
    air assist
    on/off relocated to the trigger frame
    sometimes a matching Dye sightrail

    These adrenaline markers also had the option of adding air assist feeding (See the hose running from the rear of the gun to the feedneck). I think it's a largely useless feature but back in the days before force fed hoppers I have to wonder if it had any benefit. It essentially sends a puff of air from the solenoid every trigger pull to "force" a paintball down the feedneck faster. Useless but still cool. The marker also has intellifeed which plugs in to a revi hopper and agitates the paint every trigger pull instead of running constantly. Old tech but hey the gun is 18 years old.

    Rasta Angel G7 Fly

    2k Dark Angel LCD

    Morlock board w/ eyes
    single and stock double trigger frame

    Miami Rage Angel A1

    03 Angel Speed

    Full Force Factory A4 Fly

    1 of 13 team guns

    Dark Angel IR3

    05 Angel Speed

    1 of 9 Thunderstruck Adrenaline Shocker XLS with matching CVO frame

    Thunderstruck ano done by caustic customs. Iconic ano pattern

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      That flat black Angel Gat is SWEET!!

    Milled Evil Pimp

    Elia Paintball or Ballers Inc (Daveczrn) did the milling I believe
    WAS Board
    Hybrid button on/off
    Shocktech regulator
    Hybrid verdikt lpr
    Lucky air assist valve
    Stainless steel hammer/bolt pin
    Shocktech detent mod done by theboss33
    Evil double blade trigger
    EFT frame

    I bought this one from John when he played for Evil Factory Team. Probably my favorite gun of them all.

    Milled 2007 Evil Minion

    Bought from John Dresser as well
    UL frame
    Lucky UN1 board
    Milled Hyper 2 Regulator
    Virtue Chip

    Evil NXT Shocker

    Evil Omen

    Stock Gold/Black Fade Evil Pimp

    Click image for larger version

Name:	KcrfGKs.jpg
Views:	792
Size:	1.32 MB
ID:	87858

    Titanium Ano Karnivore

    ICD Naughty Dawgs Freestyle

    2006 Stockholm Ignition Cyborg

    1 of 15 team guns

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      Xvalved PTP Micromag

      Naughty Dawgs Intimidator

      Planet Eclipse EGO SL74

      Planet Eclipse EGO SL8R

      Trauma Matrix

      Adrenaline Impulse

      Regency Crome 2

      Alien Revelation (Never Released)

      Alien Invasion

      Alien Independence

      Click image for larger version

Name:	sS3046k.jpg
Views:	801
Size:	1.35 MB
ID:	87851

      Alien Interceptor

      Alien Deception

      System X NME

      07 Macdev Cyborg

      04 Macdev Cyborg

      Planet Eclipse CS1

      Dye M2

      Has a special one-off bolt from the maker of the DSR

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          No kidding. With that start, I await with baited breath the rest of the lineup.🤯
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          • haywoodjublomi
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            I was let down that I couldn't find my thread on Not the worst thing in the world, it will allow me to consolidate but man it's going to take some time to get it where I want it and have everything added back in. Glad you enjoy so far

          This should take a while. Lol.
          after you finish this version, you should copy and paste all the image links, just in case.... haha


            Wasn't there a thread about markers i wanted to buy but could never afford...?
            Can i just put the "Haywoods Collection".


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              Yep... and yep.....

            Love that Adrenaline Shocker! I just picked up the Punisher's Shocker and I love it but those Adrenaline's are a whole new level of beautiful.
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              Haywood, your collection is just absolutely mind blowing. The cotton candy Ehm, the blue/yellow fade, so good. Congrats, you win


                Well-worth the wait.🤑

                The Evil Ehm is an interesting study. The first, with the Ripper body, looks like a piece of art. The second looks downright pedestrian, and I blame it all on the the confused lines of the trigger guard. What a great way to interrupt the lines of the rest of the marker.

                Those Excals... woo boy...😰😍
                “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


                  loved this thread on the old board, still love it now. that PTP micromag is probably one of my grail guns.

                  Also glad you were the one who snagged that M2, my wallet especially so.


                    And my nomination for the best electro collection goes to...
                    I always enjoy drooling over your AKA & Angels!


                      Here’s a strange one for you all. Anyone remember this? Was never released but the top should be a giveaway. It was in development around 02-03. Boltless marker with a trap door mechanism.


                        I remember all the hype around the Alien Revelation, and then... nada. Fart in the wind. Can't recall why it never took off. Anyone care to elucidate?
                        “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.” -Krishnamurti


                        • haywoodjublomi
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                          It apparently worked very well for a season and they made a last minute change to the door mechanism. This caused it to be rough on paint and so it never came to market and instead the alien interceptor was the first marker alien came to market with.

                        • lew


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                          Ah, that's right. I thought it was pretty ugly, but the trapdoor system had merit. Then, they released the Interceptor instead after they couldn't get the Revelation to stop clipping paint, and I- a hardcore Cocker guy at the time- thought "another stacked-tube electro" and quickly lost interest.