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Now that I have uploading ironed out

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    Now that I have uploading ironed out

    I know I did this already, but wanted to test the new iPhone camera capabilities and put everything into one imgur post.

    Red Eclipse Splash Mag with what I assume is a SP frame. Buddy built this back in 99ish. I happened to run into the guy who bought it from him at my local field. That guy happened to be moving and wanted to unload it. Lucky me.

    Banzai Eclipse/ SP splash mix. I'm sure the matching Hyperframe was custom, but they did a great job. Still trying to get this damn thing to work.

    Grey Splash. Got this from someone here. I'll put that up when I can find the name. Had the Apocalypse and Gadget Grip plug matched by Caustic Customs.

    XMT C/F ULE Mag, RPG Shadow Rail. The Numech frame's on/off gives me grief every once in a while, but it can be made to behave. Never got CCM air fittings to work right, plus my left-handedness makes for awkward handling when the fittings face each other. Really enjoy shooting this one at the field. It is super precise and lighter than my 3.5

    RPG Chimera frame and Pariah body. ULE Rail, CCM Feedneck. X-valve that is a hot rod. Light and tight. Anodizing by FX.

    Full Mill Twister. I had a Twister anodized like this a long time ago. The vert asa was terribly faded and nobody was matching things at the time quite so reliably as Caustic so I go a bunch of parts together and had everything redone. Came out great, it just never sparked joy quite the same afterwards so I sold it. Then I missed it. THEN I found the original trigger shoe from that build that I didn't include in the refresh because the previous owner had (poorly) milled from a double into a single. THEEENNNN I came across this body that matched the old trigger shoe I had on hand. So I dropped like a grand because it felt like a sign that the lonely trigger shoe could be complete with a matching body again. Most I ever spent on a single gun but it made me feel good and complete. It sits against the wall behind my laptop so I can always look at it and whisper sweet nothings into the feedneck. I recently found a front block in kinda rough shape honestly that will eventually visit Caustic to be matched. AKA Lightning Bolt, Eclipse Ram with qevs, not sure on internals. Currently has what i think is a Kapp groovy frame, detonator reg, dye ul, not sure what the 3-way is. palmers lpr? and lpc. hoping to swap out a lot of that front end for black parts.

    This Evo Mill Twister came to me as a powder coated pump with this candy apple maroon coat. Now it has full CCM front end. Dye Xcel barrel. Right around the time I got this BPS let the world know they found some front blocks and back blocks in a box so I bought one. They sent the clamshell instead of the 45 but I was in a time crunch for some reason or other and couldn't send it back and wait for the new one to arrive. I always really wanted a clamshell so I feel like that front block gets me a little bit closer. Anodizing by Tonsixer Paintball

    PTP Micrococker in Cool Camo. I have seen two full bodied cool camo cockers go through BSTs with matching shrouds and I almost spent way too much money just to snag a shroud. Currently looking for any polished shroud that I can send to get matched.

    Tony Elia milled Super Stock body with Karni everything else except e2 frame. It was gone for over a year to get the milling done and I was pretty sure I wasn't going to see it again but one day a package arrived with no warning and there she was! Anodizing by Tonsixer Paintball.

    Racegun - Love me some Racegun Halfblocks. Had the feed milled down to accept the new low profile stuff. Anodizing by Pooty

    Racepump - This body was left over from my hunt to put together the above marker. Turns out I had all the stuff to turn it into a pump just laying around. Lucky me!

    98 Autococker. My second gun. It is only wearing electro stuff right now for giggles. Usually dressed much more modestly. that is a titanium .688 barrel.

    98 Autococker - Craigslist is still my favorite place to find paintball gear. This one came with an old Dye aluminum barrel and an AKA Lightning Bolt that lives in the twister now. I don't remember what the barrel is... OTP?

    Eclipse Angel LED - Love Eclipse splash stuff and Banzai is my favorite. Got the new feedneck and the Maxflo matched to the rest by Caustic Customs. Did a really great job.

    Angel A1 Fly Joy Division - There was a time, after I got all the green/ camouflage/ hide in the woods colored stuff; and all the tequila sunrise or red or blue colored stuff out of my system, and my brain said "Lets get something with some bling on it." I went on the hunt for a black/ gold or white/gold DYE NT, or a CSL, but nothing came up in my price range until this beauty surfaced. It definitely met the need color-wise but it took a LOT of work to get it going. Once you have all the parts and spend several dozen hours in the manual and Angel specific forum pages, they aren't such a mystery. So now I have backups for my backups in spare parts. This has the Predator ram, a spare rebuildable ram, a spare stock ram, couple sets of magno valves and a non magno set for pressure testing, couple stock fly boards, a boost 2 bolt and a spare boost 1 bolt and a stock bolt. I have the gold frame set aside as the dovetail is not in the greatest shape. The gold Wonderboy minireg is set aside in favor for this CP reg on the field. Small bore barrel kit and a joy c/f tip are also hanging around. Oh and a spare Cobra trigger and some extra eye covers and whatnot. Gotta be prepared!

    Angel The Gat Only after getting the A1Fly did I read about specific causes and timing of the demise of WDP and that a lot of folks consider the G7 to be the peak platform. Had to test it out so I got the GAT. It has certainly been more reliable than my A1. Always shoots great, never any problems.

    Got this Gothic Spyder from Riot after it came in second in the MOTM contest that month. All the bells and whistles - FBM Gothic Body, AKA Tornado Valve, AKA Lightning Bolt, AKA Sidewinder Reg, Angel Feedneck, Trinity Assault Front Block, AKA Javelin Barrel, Bob Long Knucklebuster Frame, Blizzard Anodized. Before the site went down someone posted a similar build but with a brown acid wash if I remember right and named it for one of the 4 Horsemen ( I want to say Plague or Pestilence). I like that naming convention and while nothing I read agrees on the names of the 4 horsemen, I think War, Conquest, Fury, Famine, Despair, Strife all sound good.

    Spyder - My first gun from 96 or 97. It has some upgrades that I don't exactly remember. One day I'll take it apart and see if I can figure out exactly what is inside. Diamond Labs Bolt and stock valve, it turns out. Boa Concealer barrel made this about as quiet as a stock autococker.

    Updated. Now with AKA Tornado Valve, Lightning Bolt/cage, Mitey Max LPC. Vigilante Reg for now, slot blocker printed by ChoSanJuan, AA and DYE Aluminum barrels, Bob Long single trigger frame.

    Eclipse GEO 3.5 Fire Splash. I can't get over how well this gun shoots. If it were flying over the Death Star, it wouldn't have any problem shooting a paintball into that tube.

    Invert Mini - My it-just-works gun before the GEO came into my life. Put the ol' All American barrel on it and boom headshot, all day long.

    Invert Mini - low number, 499 i think? Loaner gun. I never understood the deal with Mini triggers. Many colors came with a black trigger that has rounded edges and is very smooth and glorious. The black guns came with a clear anodized, dust textured trigger that is very square and sharp on the edges. I love the way one feels and hate the other, can you guess which is which
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    Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.

    Those splashes look great!


      Some of the sold horde. Lost a bunch of photos when paintballcity went down. These are what I could find from my old files

      Miss them all.

      Looking for Angel LED single finger trigger. Also splashy mag parts.


        This thing is sick: