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DMZ 3man scramble.

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    DMZ 3man scramble.

    DMZ is having a 3 man scramble tournament on Sept 6th.
    30 players, teams are drawn from a hat. Who knows who your team mates will be.
    This was well recieved when they were ran in 2019
    I'm in for this one.

    This sounds fun. Not that id travel that far to play. But imma suggest this to my locale field.


    • Jordan


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      Sounds like a nightmare to my inner introvert. Competition level paintball with people I don't know? Nah. Like gr.9 gym class all over again.

    Not sure how I I’d feel about this. On one had sounds epically fun, random and challenging. On the other I’d feel too bad for any team stuck playing with my crippled ass (hell I sucked before getting hurt don’t think limiting my ability to run crouch or crawl has improved my game any lol).

    And lastly I don’t do the whole electro thing so the fastest shooter I own is my Mag.
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      That's the beauty of the scramble you typically won't have serious tournament players. They had 10 year olds playing in 2019. The older players had stopped mid game to let the kids duke it out.


        Might not be too bad, then... might be up for it depending on cost.
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          Kinda wish I could. But that’s labour day weekend. My oldests first day school is the next day. I need spend that day with her.
          AGD 68 Automag, AGD ULE 68 Automag, Azodin KPII, Tippmann SL68II, Umarex TR50.


          • Falcon16


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            yea I had the same thing man, don't feel bad

          Price dependant, and schedule dependant, I could be down for this. Any gun restrictions?


            $100 covers entry and a case of paint.
            If you can, check out the DMZ Canada paintball group on facebook for all the info.


              That's not bad. I'm gonna push my luck on signing up, I just want to make sure I can make it before I fully commit.


                Who ended up going? How'd it go?

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                Meleager7 Feedback:


                  I’m way late to finding this thread but I played this event and it was a good time. I dragged the family on a weekend trip from Windsor area to Niagara and bribed my wife with a stop at IKEA.

                  The field has a nice setup, friendly staff and players, very well run. A good mix of skill levels and equipment from players. There were 8 teams and you played everyone twice, so 14 games, then a finals round for top 4. The playing field setup as a whole was smaller than a standard xball field since it was 3man, but it was a fun layout.

                  They handed out trophies for each player on the top 3 teams and a bonus prize for 4th.

                  I believe they bought a new set of air bunkers from NXL after this, so they should have a great setup for 2022.

                  Definitely recommend going to this event in the future, Ontario paintball needs more events like this to bring the fun back into airball