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Indoor fields.

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    Indoor fields.

    Are there any indoor fields left in southern Ontario.

    I see paintball city is gone (sadly that was first place I ever played).

    SRG Splatters is still going I guess.

    Any others left?
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    There's paintball nation burlington

    I've supported them over the years by getting air fills there, and actually that is where I bought my SL68II off their used gear wall

    I haven't actually played their field though, because I don't really dig indoor. I did meet up with Jordan and Ratzo there briefly when the owner\manager Phil ran an old school game, and those guys actually played and can speak to the field layout, level of slime covering the walls, etc , etc

    I will say, if a future MCB Indoor meetup takes place, I could stomach some indoor play.
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      Yeah I just thinking might be fun to get out once or twice over the winter months.

    Wow, didn't know Paintball City was closing (moving?). I wonder what will happen with the Badlands store.

    Depends on your definition of Southern Ontario, but there was indoor reball once a week in Barrie. I don't really recommend that because it's like 1/3rd the size of a proper airball field with twice the players. There's also Paintball HQ in Kitchener, which I drove past once.

    Only other indoor I know of is Stingers in Brockville. It's in part of an old Zellers and looks pretty cool, but definitely not Southern Ontario.

    There used to be an indoor field near in Angus (outside Borden) and then there was also obviously Flag Raiders, one in Windsor, and maybe one in London?

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      I worked at PBC when it was under Sgt Splatters and frankly I'm surprised it didn't close years ago.

      I thought Badlands was out of there a while ago.

    • BenoitOWN


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      After wasaga beach august event I stopped by Badlands and they was renovating. Didn’t inquire if It was store or field but yeah the area surrounding the store was empty.

    Also Defcon Paintball in Victoria Park (and maybe another location?) There was also one just off the 404 in Gormley.

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      Originally posted by Toestr View Post
      one in Windsor, and maybe one in London?
      Unfortunately the Windsor indoor field is closed as Uhaul bought the building and its now used for storage, and Flagswipe’s indoor and outdoor fields in London both closed, but the still have a retail store