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If MCB entered a team in the 2022 Ontario Classic ...

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  • Jordan
    My Classic Mag with capped valve, I think. 12V Revvy, 50ci tank, J&J Ceramic barrel.

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  • If MCB entered a team in the 2022 Ontario Classic ...

    This is a purely hypothetical, for fun no “ i’m too old, i’m too slow” rhetoric killing my thread !

    If MCB put together a team for the Ontario Classic mech tourney next year, what gun would you bring as your main? And as your backup?

    For me, I think my fastest , lightest mech gun is my Trilogy SF with the shocktech slider frame. I’d run my VL Revvy with a speedfeed, my 14” Freak barrel, and my 48/4500 tank.

    For my backup, i’d have my 96 RF mini cocker, because it’s oh, so reliable! It’s just a bit heavy when all loaded up.

    So go ahead, pretend you’re still young and fast, and lemme hear your mech tourney setups!