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Medically forced to give it up

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    Medically forced to give it up

    Looking like I won’t be hitting the field much if at all anymore. Past injuries are getting worse and this past winter swelling got to the point of putting pressure on my lower spine resulting in loss of ability to move my left leg in any form for three days. May need surgery yet again but hoping to avoid that and just start taking things a bit easier on the body. Took on a service manager roll to hopefully aid in that rather than slugging it out on the floor as a mechanic. But what ever the out come I certainly won’t be playing enuff to need or even get chance to use all that I have.

    So I think it’s time to let most my equipment go.

    Going to keep my Automags and the Tippmann SL68II (in hopes to maybe try playing once or twice a year).

    1. 1.5 azodin KP2 (ones fully done up the others more of a parts gun but functions), have a lot of spare parts and grip frames too $150
    2. PGP2k SOLD.
    3. Tippmann Pro Carbine. SOLD.
    4. GOG ENMEY V1 preordered when they came out. Was not my thing and was just used by my sister when she would play the odd time. (Complete o ring kit included). $80

    Click image for larger version  Name:	E81F9703-0A62-49AF-8CB2-AEFDE0D9070B.jpeg Views:	140 Size:	4.77 MB ID:	269560
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    AGD 68 Automag, AGD ULE 68 Automag, Azodin KP, Azodin KPII, GOG V1 eNMEy, Sheridan PGP2K, Tippmann Pro/Carbine, Tippmann SL68II, Umarex TR50.

    Sorry to hear that , any second opinion you can get out there? anyhow, hope you can make one of the meetups or two, even if just to hang out and talk classic paintball !
    '96 RF Mini Cocker, '95 RF Autococker, Trilogy SF Autococker (mech'ed) , 68-Automag Classic, Banzai Splash Minimag, Gen-E Matrix, Shoebox Shocker 4x4, Warp Feed Rainmaker, Montneel Z-1, Tippmann Pro-Carbine, Tippmann Mini-Lite, Tippmann Model-98, Tippmann SL-68II , Tippmann 68-Special, Spyder .50 cal Opus/Opus-A , Liquid CO2 Spyder Victor II , Tippmann .50 Cal Cronus , Gog Enmey .50 cal , Tippmann Vert ASA 68-Carbine

    Meleager7 Feedback:


      I've always felt there should be a drone or some kind of remote gun buddy for those who med out of the game. Very sorry to hear that, good sir. I'm glad you're hanging on to a couple
      Dulce et decorum est pro comoedia mori


        That suck, hope the swelling will stay under control
        At least you are keeping some in case it get better.


          Sorry to hear that man. I hope we can see you at least once a year, but your health is always more important.