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WTB Sheridan Hammer

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    WTB Sheridan Hammer

    CDN brethren,

    Hoping to keep this north of the border since shipping is stupid expensive these days.

    Looking for a P-series hammer. Let me know what you have. Happy to grab it at the next group meet as well.
    Originally posted by Terry A. Davis
    God said 640x480 16 color was a covenant like circumcision.

    If you can't find one up there, I can send one up next month via members at Slims game. Good luck on your hunt
    💀Team Ragnastock💀
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      RAZRBAKK I am going to Slim next month and can help with taking some parts to Canada on my way back (already doing it for another member in the GTA area that you know).
      Could be an option for you.


      • RAZRBAKK


        Editing a comment
        Yeah that sounds good. If nothing shows up locally I will reach out to you and JeeperCreeper as we get closer to the date.

        Appreciate the help guys.