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Giant Big Game, June 6th at Splat-Tag, Hudson, WI

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    Giant Big Game, June 6th at Splat-Tag, Hudson, WI

    Spring GBG at Splat-Tag in Hudson, WI. Details can be found here:

    For anyone traveling, they offer free camping the night before. I highly suggest camping the night before to register early, get paint, and beat the morning rush.
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    I concur with Glman. They historically have issues dealing with the mad influx of people in the morning. I was always sponsored and got to use the sponsored line which is much shorter. I think the fact that they dont open registration early enough is the issue. Reggi should start up at 6 am on game day imo. Let the early birds go through to avoid the mad rush at 8am.

    I should be there! Im just a 1 man team, but Ive played that field many times. Splat tag sponsored me this year so they can put me on either side. I can request a side. But if it comes down to balancing the field, Im not garunteed a spot. ( with exception to me getting into the genrrals plans and comprimising the game. )

    Has security picked a side yet? Being a King for years, I almost always got put against security for gbg as the teams were equally sized. I mqy wanna run around with my pumper brothers this year.


    • glaman5266


      Editing a comment
      I don’t think we’ve picked yet. Last few GBGs we haven’t picked until the day before. I can’t speak for everyone, but I don’t mind you running with us this time. Might take some heat being a former King though, LOL!

      Looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be camping the night before.

    Nah, Im good friends with a lot of the OGs including Krutz, Kelly, and the Vomhof boys. Boomer and Paperboy have both been to my

    Id likely be on security now, but I know it would ruffle too many feathers, which is why I started my own thing rather than shacking up with someone else.


      May try and go. What side you guys play?

      Also where do you Wisconsin locals do rec play at? Id
      like to start going to the border fields in Wisconsin since they only an hour or two hour drives for me depending on the field .


        I’m smack in the middle of Wisconsin, so it’s a drive for me to any bigger establishment. I usually drive 3.5 hrs to Splat-Tag or (started last August) the 2.5 hrs to Siege. There’s a small establishment an hour north of me in Wausau, but I don’t go there often. There’s another near Fremont that I haven’t been to yet, so I may try to go there once this year. There’s not much for larger establishments in my neck of the woods.
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          We out here!!!!


            Oh man, how did I miss this thread??!??! Man this was a great time!

            MrKittyCatMeowFace You know my constant answer You need to come say hi!
            Fred aka ChoSanJuan
            Team: With Intent
            Paintball parts and 3D Printed items!
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