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No announcement yet.

Slim’s Spring Stock Classic 2021, May 22-23, Adventure Games, Weare, NH

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    Where are they doing camping? The last event I attended at AG they barely had room for people to park.


    • AnarchicArctic


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      Camping is in an overflow lot AG built recently. It’s roomy enough, while also being moderately private to our group. Trailers fit too

    • Mr. Hick

      Mr. Hick

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      I can't speak for all that goes on there but I drove by yesterday and they have logged more of the property and the "over flow" lot is currently a log landing. I'm sure by may it may just be a bunch bigger as well.

    Originally posted by Flounder View Post
    Where are they doing camping? The last event I attended at AG they barely had room for people to park.
    Camping was originally held to the right of the main building (as you look at it from the road). That area was turned into the laser tag arena, so they moved camping to the new overflow lot. As mentioned there is room for campers as well as tents. I spoke with the owner (Aric) a few weeks ago and was told that the field is no longer permitted to use the neighboring property across the street to park overflow vehicles, so they were clearing a large area along the left hand side of the AG property for additional parking. Aric mentioned that camping may be moved to this newly cleared area as there will be more room. I haven't been up there since last year so I haven't seen the progress, but I'm assuming that Aric will ensure we will be taken care of.


      I just got off the phone with Aric and have an update regarding parking, camping, food and alcohol.

      Regarding parking/camping...
      Aric sent me the latest site plan for parking. As you will see, the new parking area is massive. Adventure Games is investing $100k into this, and are working non-stop towards completion. We did not discuss any details of where exactly the camping will be in this area, but suffice it to say there should be more than enough room. The parking area will NOT be paved except for the aprons that lead onto the main road (40' in). Aric said that he may have turf to lay down in the camping area for tents, but just in case, bringing a tarp/drop cloth to use under tents as a cushion might be a good idea.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	AG_Site_Plan.jpg
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ID:	106979

      Regarding food...
      Aric has invested in a new on-site catering company called "Snack Shot". The menu, prices and more details can be found on the AG Facebook page which is updated regularly. All food is made from scratch on the premises and prepared by a qualified chef - not some high school burger flipper (my words, not his). The feedback of the food so far has been tremendous and apparently the portion sizes are very large too. For those that want to bring their own food, it's not a problem. Aric will still allow us to use his large commercial gas grill in the camping area. He has also said that Snack Shot will be open late on Saturday night (possibly as late as midnight) for all campers attending the event, and that he will be providing limited menu items at discounted prices for us exclusively.

      Aric also said that he has obtained a full liquor license for the property and that Snack Shot will be serving beer and wine. They currently have two draft beers on tap. I was told that if attendees had a specific beer preference, Aric would do his best to get an extra keg of it just for us. So, take a vote and let me know.

      Regarding alcohol...
      Because Adventure Games has a state-issued liquor license it means that a stricter policy regarding alcohol had to be adopted. Going forward, alcohol can no longer be consumed outside of designated areas on the property. It also means that players can no longer bring their own alcohol onto the property. If there are any infractions to these new policies, then Adventure Games could not only loose their license but be subjected to multiple fines as well. We are asking all participants to understand and abide with the new policies. As imbibing at the camp out has been sort of a "tradition" this may seem like bad news. However, Aric, as usual, will be doing his best to facilitate all our needs.

      The good news... during Saturday night Aric will be having discounted specials on beer and wine all night long in addition to his discounted menu items. For the 10pm Stock-Class Toast Aric will be providing FREE appetizers, as well as providing the actual shots for the Toast (also at an "extreme discount"). While Adventure Games does have a full liquor license, it has not been determined if full bar options will be made available outside of the shots poured during the 10pm Toast.

      Please DM me directly with any questions/concerns regarding the new liquor policy. Ahem.

      That is all I have at this time.


        AG has been good to us, I’m fine with doing things their way. Thanks for the info Slim!
        💀Keeper of the Ointments, Ragnastock💀


          I'm going to try to make it unfortunately this is the same weekend of two of our kids birthdays so it's going to depend on what day they decide to do the birthday party. I'd have them come to this but they aren't into paintball

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            I might make it if my smashed wrist is fully functional. Got an old maverick i could dust off for kicks.


              Dude: am I the only one that noticed "AX THROWING AREA" on dem plans? This stock class event could get far more interesting.


                Originally posted by Mr. Hick View Post
                Dude: am I the only one that noticed "AX THROWING AREA" on dem plans? This stock class event could get far more interesting.
                LOL!!! Yeah, Aric has some ambitious plans in store for Adventure Games. The axe throwing area is in development and probably won't be open for the Spring game. Maybe Stocktoberfest though. I challenge anyone to find a paintball event that will offer so many cool extras AND great food located right on the premisses. While I was concerned to have to relocate my events so many times over the years, I've had zero complaints with AG.

                Fun fact: my decision to check out AG was based on a positive review I read on here from some guy who calls himself "Painthappy". Apparently he knows what he's talking about.


                • BenoitOWN


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                  Wasaga Beach Paintball in canada does paintball, airsoft, laser tag, nerf, archery, escape room and axe throwing. They do have an on site burger flipper but on big game have a good truck that slightly level out the food category.

                Looking forward to this game. Interested in lodging close to the field. Would be nice to find someone to accompany me on the drive up from the Hartford area.


                  Originally posted by TouchofGrey View Post
                  Looking forward to this game. Interested in lodging close to the field. Would be nice to find someone to accompany me on the drive up from the Hartford area.
                  How close do you consider close? Hotel/motels are all about 30 minutes from the field. Concord, Manchester are close by.


                    I actually i just secured a place to stay near the field so I'm good.


                      Click image for larger version  Name:	AG_Wild_West_Field_Map.jpg Views:	0 Size:	301.5 KB ID:	112527

                      The missions for the Saturday Wild West scenario games of the Spring Stock Classic have been finalized. The teams for the day will be the "Sheriff's Posse" vs. the "Desperados", or more simply... the Good Guys vs. the Bad Guys. Slim will be leading the Sheriff's posse and Jesse will be leading the dangerous desperados. As usual the games will be limited to 30 minutes.

                      Mission 1 - "The Wilderness Rescue" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Rescue the heroine.
                      Each team will take their turn rescuing a fair maiden from the secret hideout of the opposing team. The fair maiden must be returned unharmed (not marked with paint) to rescuer's base before time runs out or the mission will fail.

                      Mission 2 - "Remember The Alamo!" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Capture the Alamo.
                      Teams will take turns attacking and defending the Alamo. Victory can only be achieved when all occupants of the Alamo are eliminated within the allotted time limit. No Bowie knives allowed!

                      Lunch break will be at noon and include the High Noon Quick Draw Competition.

                      Mission 3 - "Poison The Waterhole!" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Poison the other team's watering hole.
                      Each team will receive 5 bags of "poison". The first team to poison the other team's "watering hole" wins.

                      Mission 4 - "Ambush At Boot Hill" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Ring the bell at the top of the hill.
                      Teams will take turns occupying the top of Boot Hill. The team starting on the top of the hill (the bushwhackers) must prevent opponents from reaching the top of the hill and ringing a bell within the allotted time limit.

                      Mission 5 - "Rob The Gold Depository" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Steal the gold from the depository!
                      Teams will take turns attacking and defending a Gold Depository that holds 3 containers of gold . Victory is achieved when all three containers are stolen and brought back to the attacker's starting point within the allotted time limit.

                      Mission 6 - "Tombstone" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Straight up elimination.
                      It's time to cowboy up and be someone's huckleberry by gunning them down in a hailstorm of .68 caliber justice!

                      Mission 7 - "Paintfight At The OK Corral" (minimum 2 games)
                      Objective: Straight up elimination.
                      Unlike in 1881, this shootout will last 30 minutes, not 30 seconds. Only the truest aim and surest shots will prevail here.

                      Note that games on Saturday will end around 4:30pm. It may or may not be possible to run all the missions during the time we have. We'll play as many missions as possible and can add games if time permits.

                      OK pardners, get your western gear together and get ready for a stock-class experience like no other!


                        Will the "Damsel in Distress" (Inflatable) be made available for interested parties Saturday evening?


                          She’s StockClassy but a Dirty Bird when the lights go out....


                            I think she likes me. Lol


                            • NONOBLITUS


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                              Craigo , you always have scared me. Haha