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No announcement yet.

Slim’s Spring Stock Classic 2021, May 22-23, Adventure Games, Weare, NH

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    Slim’s Spring Stock Classic 2021, May 22-23, Adventure Games, Weare, NH

    Greetings stock-class enthusiasts! It’s time to dust off your equipment and join us at the 11th Annual Slim’s Spring Stock Classic event.

    Yes, this event is now in its 11th year!!!

    Due to the continued unpredictability of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the two-day event is TENTATIVELY SCHEDULED to be held Saturday, May 22nd and Sunday, May 23rd at Adventure Games in Weare, NH (formally AG Paintball). Given the severity of the pandemic, this event may be cancelled at any point prior to the event date. We are monitoring all news and alerts and will provide as much notice as possible if it looks like the event will be cancelled. Currently, both myself and Adventure Games feel that it is safe to proceed with the event on the scheduled dates.

    PLEASE NOTE: Face masks/coverings and social distancing while in the staging area and camping areas (when not eating or drinking) is required. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in order to make this event as safe as possible for all players and staff.

    Our games are open to anyone who has their own stock-class equipment, and who enjoys the challenge and sportsmanship of stock-class play. As always, the management at Adventure Games are very excited to host this stock-class event at their field once again.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	3X3_SSSC_Logo.png Views:	82 Size:	282.4 KB ID:	106021

    Here are the details...
    • Entry fee is $35 per player, per day, OR $55 per player for the entire weekend (which includes laser tag and camping)
    • Bring your own stock-class equipment
    • Stock-class rental guns will NOT be available (loaner equipment will be available from individual players - simply post a request in this thread)
    • Saturday will feature a stock-class WILD WEST SCENARIO GAME and High Noon Quick Draw competition!

    • The High Noon Quick Draw Competition will be held at noon (duh) on Saturday with a First Place award going to the Top Gun
    Saturday is Field Paint Only (FPO). Adventure Games has a variety of affordable paint grades with their 4-star being very good for SC markers.

    • Saturday night will feature FREE laser tag games, a bon fire, camping and the coveted Stock-Class 10pm Toast!
    • Sunday will feature TRUE stock-class-only games ALL DAY!
    SUNDAY IS Bring Your Own Paint (BYOP)!!!! Paint will be available for purchase from AG Paintball (brands and prices will be posted)
    • Food and drinks will be available on-site both days from the all-new Snack Shot catering company
    • Snack Shot catering now serves beer to those 21 and over. Please drink responsibly.
    • FREE Flag Capture patches will be awarded to every player who successfully captures a flag and hangs it to win the game
    • A Sportsmanship Award will be handed out to the player who exemplifies great sportsmanship
    • Stock-class patches and a limited amount of stock-class goodies will be available for purchase
    • The usual stock-class swap meet will be in full effect
    • The event is rain or shine unless there is extremely dangerous weather conditions

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2x3_banner_01.jpg Views:	56 Size:	393.7 KB ID:	106022

    Players are welcome to arrive Friday night and camp through the weekend. The “big” camp out will be on Saturday, May 22nd and starts at 4 pm. Pitch a tent, fire up the cook stove and get ready to celebrate the Stock Classic in style! As mentioned above, on Saturday night there will be FREE Laser Tag games, a firepit for the usual fireside festivities and the Stock-Class 10pm Toast. Snack Shot will also be open late.

    For more info on Adventure Games, visit:

    For those not camping out, game registration will start at 8:30/9:00am on both days. We will be making every effort to start games on time, and will not be waiting for stragglers to start the games. Please note that stragglers will NOT be permitted to join any game after the game has started.

    What is "Stock-Class" equipment? We always use the new Stock-Class 2.0 rules at all our events...

    To be considered "stock-class", a gun must meet 3 simple criteria:
    1) manually operated (pump-action, bolt-action, lever-action, etc.)
    2) horizontally-fed
    3) powered by a single 12-gram CO2 cartridge

    (Examples of stock-class guns: Nel-Spots, PGPs, Splatmasters, Stock-Class Phantoms, Grey Ghosts, SC Carter Comps, Retro 7s, KP2s, PMI-1s, etc.).

    Semi-autos, open-class pumps or any gun with any size CA/HPA tanks and/or direct feeds (with hoppers) will not be allowed - absolutely NO exceptions.

    Modifications that ARE allowed:
    • Guns with direct feed nipples can be equipped with a 90° elbow attached directly to the nipple. A horizontally-mounted feed tube must be mounted directly into the 90° elbow (to prevent excessive "ball stacking")
    • Lever changers/slam changers that hold ONE 12-gram
    • Stabilizers / regulators
    • Maximum 20 round feed tube
    • Any length barrel/sized barrels
    • Any type of barrel porting
    • Any type of sighting system or scope that do NOT have a laser
    • Any type of "Raincover"
    Pump guns with auto-triggers are allowed because a horizontal feed negates the ability to effectively auto-trigger

    Modifications that are NOT allowed:
    • 12-gram changers that hold multiple cartridges (AGD 6-packs, ACI turret changers)
    • First Strike Rounds
    • Spring Feeds
    • Mag-fed semi-auto pistols
    • Laser sights

    OK, whose in?
    Last edited by Slim; 03-18-2021, 11:22 AM. Reason: Clarification on paint pricing

    Yes, yes, 1000x yes!

    "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."


      FYI - If you just skim over the details listed above, you may miss out on some important new info. Specifically the items regarding food and drink.


      • Chuck E Ducky

        Chuck E Ducky

        Editing a comment
        The bar is open cool! Late night lazer tag is about to get Lit!

      Hopefully the border opens up so we can get some of our Stock Class Keeners down for the spring game.


        Did you know that Slim's Spring Stock Classic now includes a Wild West scenario game on Saturday? Well, now you do! There will even be a High Noon Quick Draw Competition! So, better grab your ten gallon hat and get ready to slap some leather! Don't miss out on this event!

        Tentative scenarios include:
        • "Poison The Water Hole"
        • "Rob The Gold Depository"
        • "Shootout and the I'm OK, You're OK Corral"
        • "Round Up The Cattle Rustlers"
        • "Save the (inflatable) Damsel From Train Tracks"

        etc, etc. LOL!

        Click image for larger version

Name:	SC_Wild_West_art.jpg
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ID:	106174


        I have never been more turgid than I am in this moment.
        💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


          Ragnastock assemble !!!


            Putting in for the time off now. Lobster prices are currently way up so the lobster boil over is tentative at the moment


              I put it on my calendar.


                Yippee ki yay


                  I dreamt that I was playing at AG last night. I was tearing up the place with my Blazer as I once did. When I woke, I was heartbroken. The stark reality of my ever-declining ability set in. I shed a few tears I'll have to admit. I'll try like hell to show up. I'm praying like hell that I will once again take to the field..............


                    Awesome, I will atleast ,make it on sunday.

                    And thank you for makiing it BYOP. My Kp3 hates small paint. Now to check what I have here.


                      Originally posted by cougar20th View Post
                      Awesome, I will atleast ,make it on sunday.

                      And thank you for makiing it BYOP. My Kp3 hates small paint. Now to check what I have here.
                      The last event the field paint was pretty decent. Unless I find a particularly good batch locally I’ll probably just shoot that. I finally finished the last of my Anarchy ☹️
                      💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


                      • AnarchicArctic


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                        Bring back Anarchy! That stuff was magic

                      • Chuck E Ducky

                        Chuck E Ducky

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                        Valken Redemption was my jam. Not the pro the harder bright shell stuff was money! Or even earlier All Star that stuff shoot like darts.

                      Originally posted by cougar20th View Post
                      Awesome, I will at least make it on sunday.

                      And thank you for making it BYOP. My Kp3 hates small paint. Now to check what I have here.
                      I apologize for not including this info in my original post (I've since edited it) - BYOP is for Sunday only. On Saturday all games are Field Paint Only per Adventure Games policy. This was the deal at previous events, but it's my mistake for not making that clear up front. The good news is that Adventure games stocks a variety of paint grades with the 4-star being perfect for stock-class markers. The prices are good too. Their 5-star paint is NOT recommended as shell is far too brittle.


                        Paint there is stored real well. Last few years the field paint has been really good. Can’t wait!

                        I have shot the 5* before but if it’s in the cooler side your going to want the 4*. It’s really good paint that’s cared for so it’s always shot nice and straight for me.