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    Hobbes link was for the ptw charity tournament they had last Sunday. I can add you to the list if you pm your name. If you want to prepay you can or I will take payments day of.


      This sounds like a lot fun. I'm in to give it a try. I'll PM you. Thanks

      EDIT: BTW, I was planning on using my Meteor Cocker for this. Is that Ok? I don't have anything in pump form ATM..
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      • Mr. Hick

        Mr. Hick

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        As long as you run a gravity hopper and it's a true mechanical gun you're good to go.

      We still need players. PM Shredking to register. 👍


        I'm surprised AG hasn't posted this on their website and social media feeds yet. That would be a huge help if they did. Any chance we can get them to?


          Good luck today, Ballers. This weather keeps my ass home.


            Considering the weather, I’d say we had a great time. We had eight players and changed things up so we had four teams of two. This was my first time playing pump on an airball field and it was a ton of fun! This was also my first outing at AG paintball. What a cool field! Thanks to Ian for putting this together! It was most definitely worth the two hour drive from Mass. I’m hoping the weather cooperates next time and we can get 20+ players.

            Last edited by ChuckLove; 07-19-2021, 08:31 AM.


              Sorry for not making it. Didn't think it was still happening based on the lack of activity or updates in this thread. I sent Shredking a PM a while back but he never responded, and as best I can tell, he's never been back on here since 6/13, so I figured it was a bust.

              Hopefully next time, if there are plans to do it again?


              • ChuckLove


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                There is an active Facebook group for it. Yes I believe the second event will be in September. I’m not sure of the location yet, but I’ll make another thread when I have info.

              • ketzer7
                ketzer7 commented
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                That would explain it then since I’m not on FB 🙃

                Oh well, I’m down for September.