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4th annual Summer Stockstice. June 26 @MSG

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    Shaftski What happened to you brother? Everything okay?
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


    • Shaftski
      Shaftski commented
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      We had a spray foam job scheduled to start monday and be done in two days.  Come 5PM friday and I was finally handing them the check and not for full amount.  Wasn't leaving until they were done and I was satisfied with what I saw and they screwed my plans for the weekend.  

      Too late for me to leave looking at the traffic, would have taken me till midnight to even get to the campsite.  It looked like a parking lot along 84 from westboro, ma to across the hudson.  No one was meeting me there and no carpool, so I bailed.  Next time.

      Got a cocker coming in the mail and looking to try that out in the next week or two if there are any get togethers.

    • Jonnydread


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      Shaftski Brutal, but totally reasonable. We missed ya man!

      I'm looking to play on Friday, Sunday or next Monday for this week. Was hoping to play outlaw on Sunday, but I think people are mostly celebrating so it's not looking promising. I don't really have any specific plans in July other than the usual outlaw Sunday games in Rhody, but if you're hankering to shoot I'm open to meeting up somewhere!

    The 4th annual Summer Stockstice was a hoot! 20 adventurous souls braved the heat and humidity, slogging through the swamp butt to achieve stock class brilliance. Veterans and new blood alike enjoyed the festivities, and the random ball drawing resulted in a competitive and even team mix. As usual the fields at MSG were wonderfully maintained, and our ref Drew was amiable, approachable, and in awe of the “OG” style of paintball. We played a mix of stock class and single shot games, as well as a 40th anniversary paintball tribute to the first game of paintball. 4 numbered flag stations, 48 flags in all, Everyman for themself. Capital Dave emerged victorious after firing 8 shots and collecting all 4 numbered flags. Our own Jonny Dread attempted to win the historic way without firing a shot, but was unable to clinch victory. Dave scores himself bragging rights and Nel-Spot 007 I purchased to be given to the victor in honor of the anniversary. Later in the day, the single shot showdown was another intense battle of mayhem with Slim emerging victorious and claiming the coveted deadeye patch as well as an evil gerbil bouncecap donated by Nick. Thanks Nick! Over all an excellent day of paintball! Thanks to all who came out and kept it classy. See you next year!

    The crew

    The 40 year victor with his new Nel-Spot 007

    Single shot Showdown victor 2021


      By chance do you sell any of the stock class patch’s would like one for my jersey




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        Link below if Slim has any in stock



        Welp, this is what I got. Sorry for the poor footage. I'm still tweaking camera placement. In either case, I hope you find some joy from it.


        • Mr. Hick

          Mr. Hick

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          That's good footage, man!