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Reaperball 2021

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    Anyone here? I'm parked in lot 2.


      An excellent day of play, for damn sure. For those of us that only played today.... it was great playing with you! I hope to see you guys on the field again soon. To those playing tomorrow: Once more unto the breach!

      Most importantly: I'm unbelievably glad packersrule729 wasn't here today so I didn't have to be constantly staring into the endless void of his stupid EVS mask while he shot me out. I got to not live with that for another week.


      • packersrule729


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        Nooooo. Come to AG today. We can hang

      Awesome day at OSG can’t wait for Day 2. It was great seeing all the familiar faces and new ones. My wife had fun well, maybe a lil to much fun at the bar after the game thanks to the 9% beers they were peddling. The food rocked BTW tacos were out of this world good!

      Thanks Brian for the Garlic Infused hunny and treats I was burping up garlic all afternoon. Totally worth, it Sooo Good.

      Great battles today thanks all that came out it was a great showing. Im looking forward to more battles at AG tomorrow.



        Had a great time slinging paint with everyone. I'll be at ashland next weekend hope to see yall thare.


          What a great time at OSG yesterday!

          Mt wife loved it, this was her first time playing paintball at a decent field with skilled players. It was awesome that others kept checking in to make sure she was having fun, giving her tips, and letting her test out their gear. On the drive to the field she was really nervous and said she would just spectate for the day. I talked get into playing. On the ride home she was listing off her Christmas wish list and it was mostly paintball stuff, so if say she will be down for more games!

          I was also super honored you guys named me reaperball MVP. Especially since I could only make the one day. The trophy and cash prize was a real surprise. I like how you all joked that you would deny it if I posted about it, too funny you guys.

          I Also hate the playersBLachance75 and chuck e ducky who let me play with their CCM pumps. Now I have to buy one during the holiday season when money is tight. My kids will go without Christmas presents because of you!


          • BLachance75


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            I think you should get your wife a CCM for Christmas. Then you can use it when she doesn’t go.

          • shooter311


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            Ohh I like that. If I buy it for her it will seem like I spent a lot of money just on her, she can't get mad over that! I'll just have to "tune it in" for her and use it for the first several games each time we play.

            I sent an email to CCM right when I got home groveling to them to sell me whatever they could whenever then can, lol. Fingers crossed! I'll probably settle for a lower tube kit for my FBM, if they will even sell me one.

          Great paintball!!! Snap shooting with everyone was a blast!!! Meeting everyone and playing with some honorable folks was great! My wife and I had a great time and look forward to playing at OSG and with you folks again!


            💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


              See you fine folks in Weare in a bit!

              "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."


                I'd like to thank everyone who came out yesterday. In the 10 or 11 years we have been doing Reaperball yesterday was a record number of participants.

                Thanks for making it a great fun relaxing day. It was awesome to see friends and new people alike. Really cool seeing wives come out and feel comfortable enough to play.


                  I had an excellent time yesterday. It was great seeing new people out there. It was a great day of paintball and it was nice hanging out afterwards and talking over a beer and great food.


                    Thanks Cougar20th for organizing a really great Weekend. Both myself and My wife had a really good time. AG today was awesome as always. It was cool seeing all the cool unique markers. That Mag shoot awesome I had fun with that thing and thanks for letting me shoot some of your Mag collection. Super cool collection BTW. Jonny out there with the Shoebox with a cram and jam on the top. All the Super cool pumps and Cockers from inception to CCM. The Fields played awesome! It’s was cool to get to play that new field. They changed some stuff up on frequency. I liked the way it plays. The pump Mech air ball games were fast pace and so much fun I’m glad we got to do those. Thanks for an awesome weekend! You guys and gals Rock!


                      Thanks again, Cougar20th! It was an excellent weekend of paintball!


                        Damn it I should of called out of work....


                          I would like to thank everyone for coming Saturday and Sunday. Both days were awesome.

                          It was a huge difference from last year where we had 10 players on Saturday and 4 on Sunday.

                          Both days this year we had a record number of players.

                          Any input or ideas (good or bad) please feel free to message me. I would like to hear it as it can only help make the games better.



                            I should have stretched more I am SORE
                            💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


                            • Chuck E Ducky

                              Chuck E Ducky

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                              Me to I’m sore today. Ash drove home last night so that was nice I could relax. It was a beautiful ride home the sunset was amazing! It was nice to relax and have someone to talk to on the long ride back. Ashley really had a good time we chatted about our battles the entire ride back she is excited to play again.

                            • Mr. Hick

                              Mr. Hick

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                              Ash should be excited to play again, she got some good kills in man! It was good playing with her too! as for being sore? Yes, Yes I am.

                            • Db1060


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                              I'm deff sore I played speedball Friday night at Providence paintball and than pump with you guys at osg. Than went to work Sunday in climbing telephone poles n stuff lol