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Operation Overlord @OSG this weekend

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    Operation Overlord @OSG this weekend

    Probably going, have paint left over from yesterday's mech day.

    paint is $55 if you have a season pass, $60 if you prereg, registration is $45. Bring a noob and they can get rental gear for $10.

    gates open at 7 and game starts at 9.

    I'm considering it, on the fence at the moment. Will figure it out as the week progresses.
    💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


      Same it is a maybe


        A lot of the AG Paintball regulars and staff are going up as AG Paintball's Head Ref, John Piper will be leading the Axis team. If you wanna run with me, I'll be happy to see you on Axis team!!


        • Shaftski
          Shaftski commented
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          i do have all that flecktarn....

        i'm assuming we can camp there saturday night, they usually allow it for events. if that is the case i may head up saturday and camp cause leaving house at 5am is gonna kill me, LOL. i'll try and contact someone at OSG to find out.


        • Murph


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          They're usually cool with it if you call ahead. A lot of people do that for some of their scenarios and pump games. I'm gonna make the drive in the morning though.

        Jonnydread told me that the event page says camping OK.

        I'll be up there mid afternoon tomorrow to get my guns setup and do a few walkon games, then camp for Sunday.

        I may just stage in my camping spot on Sunday, I'll have sun shelter(s) setup and a generator+inverter/battery with fans running to keep me cool day and night. So if you want to stage in a nice cool area, feel free to join me just bring your own chair. Big jug of ice water as always, probably another 5 gallon full for dumping over heads for quick cool downs.

        I'll have coffee going when I wake up so if you want some come find me.


          Crazy few days of work needed some paintball therapy OSG or bust eta: 7:40am playing for Ryan Baring. Brought the Havoc launcher to knock tanks out.


            Well we pulled it off by one point. What a battle!


              we had a nice surge of points after lunch break to take it home. holding a key drop zone right off the afternoon break was vital as was the big push towards western, we stalled them good on the right tape.

              big turnout, overflow parking area was full. good times camping saturday night, temps dropped into the 60's was a great night for sleeping outside. legs are hating me though, can't remember last time i walked that much with a full load out.

              first time going to this one, i'll be back next year for sure.


                Glad to hear you both survived the weather!


                  It was ruff but people were prepared for the heat. I drank a gal and a half still felt dehydrated. My legs are smoked but it was a great event. Looking forward to the next one. I can’t wait to play Roaches game on that field. The layouts play amazing! Tons of cover for the sneaky stuff.


                    Great time. I am utterly demolished. I played too hard to lose by one point lol. We’ll get em next time lol


                      pics are up at

                      working the corner of pirate ship/urban town/LZ.

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	i-jtd6rXk-X3.jpg
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                      there are some great shots of Chucky in there

                      Click image for larger version

Name:	i-bfhxqk8-X2.jpg
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                      Click image for larger version

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                      • Chuck E Ducky

                        Chuck E Ducky

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                        So hot.. no literally I was about to pass out from the heat lol