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Splattttttt 1st Annual Memorial Tournament....

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    Splattttttt 1st Annual Memorial Tournament....

    Trying this again....
    Since it had to be cancelled twice before, Let's try this one last time before the season ends for most of us.Honor Jack's memory in a game format he created. Portion of proceeds benefit his family.....

    For those that don't know what Birthday Ball is it's[*]3v3,5v5 or 7vs7 depending on the number of players[*]5 minute time limit[*]10 rounds in the gun no reloads[*]stock class guns only preferred but will allow 12 gram powered pistols and open class pumps fitted with stick feeds ( I will make some extras if anyone needs one) (NO AIR TANKS)[*]1 Ten round tube in the middle of the field,whomever gets to it first can use it as they see fit ( reloading themselves or passing it to a teammate)

    Location is PNL Paintball 1221 Bedford St. Bridgewater ,MA 02324
    Date is Sunday November 15th
    Event starts at 10am

    If it’s on, I’m there.

    "The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed."


      No can do, my dudes. Expecting an infant in that time frame. Season is over for me.

      I'm definitely there in spirit.
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      • Jonnydread


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        Bummer for the lack of presence, but mazel tov on the wee one.

      Originally posted by packersrule729 View Post
      If it’s on, I’m there.

      💀 Custodian & Poison Ivy Aficionado, Ragnastock 💀


        It's a long way from Virginia, but I just might be able to make it. Can't make any promises...


          Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it.