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2021 M.Carter Brown North East Meetup?

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    Well, ladies and gentlemen, I'm potentially picking up a Phantom to play with at the Spring Classic, and have one that was generously offered to me to borrow for said event. I'm going to need tubes and a new pair of boots (western theme this year, from what I've seen), but if all goes according to plan, I will see you there!


    • Chuck E Ducky

      Chuck E Ducky

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      Googles Tactical cowboy boots….lol just get there we will set yah up right. #StockClassy

    Few of us are getting together to celebrate Jacks life at P&L today. Lots of fun unique formats we have planned. Come out bring friends.


      A bunch of the Ragnastock guys are getting together at Xtreme on June 19th 2021 (369 Main St, Agawam, MA 01001)

      If anyone wants to meet up. Most of us will be running some kind of limited paint / pump setup (DBAD rules). Should be a fun day of play if anyone is interested you are welcome to join bring friends.


      • Havoc
        Havoc commented
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        Xtreme does not allow electronic hoppers on Saturday