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Bacci Mountain Pump July 31st to Aug 1st 2021

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    Bacci Mountain Pump July 31st to Aug 1st 2021

    Dates for the Game will be July 31st to August 1st. Arrival on Friday night after 4pm is acceptable. Game is in Sonoma County in the Russian River area.

    I think Saturday will be modified stock, must used a stick feed and 100rds limit per game. Sunday will Stock class with requirements being Horizontal feed and 12 grams.

    We've done hopper ball in the past but you can play hopper ball anywhere and we all do all the time. I want to play stock both days with my phantom, pgps and other non functioning makers that have sat in crates for the last couple years waiting for abuse.

    No cost but you must sign a waiver upon setting foot on the property which you must read and fully understand.

    Tent camping only, no trailers. Low riders will bottom out on our road.

    More details to come. Looking forward to seeing everyone there. Hopefully this new Delta Variant doesn't crash the game or make masks a thing again (just warning everyone now).

    Woo-Hoo! This is great news!
    I have already secured “permission” from the family (as long as I get them to the Beach for a week before that LOL).
    I will bring a muzzle load and few double barrel markers, in case I can get anyone interested in a couple of musketball or double barrel games at some point to mix things up.
    Thanks Dan for doing this again!


      This is the absolute best.


        I am leaving for Northern California tomorrow am. I will be preparing the course (we're only playing the lower course).Saturday will be stick feed 100rd max per game. Sunday is horizontal feed and 12 grams. Getting excited. Hope everyone can make it.


          Trying to get my 10lb co2 tank filled today, so if anyone needs a fill on Saturday, I should have you covered.
          Getting organized/going through the markers. This is the first pile.
          I will probably bring 15…and use 2 (cause that is how I am), so feel free to borrow something for a round or two. Bonus points if you help me get it working, THEN borrow it LOL (if you drop one in a snake pit though, you get to go get it).


            I think I'm going to make it, and I'm going to need to try some of your doubles mechstar!


              Im not gonna make it this time around 😥

              Mechstar there is some really cool stuff in there!
              Love my brass ... Love my SSR ... Hard choices ...

              XEMON's phantom double sided feed

              Keep your ATS going: Project rATS 2.0
              My Feedback


                Cunha, glad to hear you can make it. Xemon, sorry to hear you are unable to. If your plans change let us know!


                • XEMON


                  Editing a comment
                  I have family obligations, so not this time, but hopefully next time!
                  Thank you for putting this together.

                Nice to see you out there Mechstar and everyone else who's name I didn't quite put to a face. Thanks for letting me use some of your doubles.

                Great play as always. Lots of money shots on saturday.