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Monthly pump outing?

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    Monthly pump outing?

    Would anyone be interested in a monthly pump meet-up at a field in the bay area(ish)? I have a hankering to get back into the routine of a monthly pump day.....if there are enough other folks interested please reply and maybe we can get something together?

    Previously I was meeting up with some MCB'ers on a regular basis for pump play. When those folks moved away, I was lucky enough to find a local crew to play pump with for about the last 3 years. However, in recent months that has dwindled down to some pretty inconsistent outings, & many of those outings have been shifting toward mech or electro instead of pump/stock class. I'd like to get a group together to run some pump on a regular basis, open class or stock is fine by me.

    Anyone else game for setting up a monthly pump day?
    Rockin' a Phantom and a T2...CCI & CCM for the win.

    My Feedback:

    I'm in oakland and willing to try something.


      APP is doing pump days the first Sunday of every month.


      • Matt Drown
        Matt Drown commented
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        So yesterday November 7th being the next. I've only been on Saturdays with some pump players, didn't know they were aiming for a dedicate pump group on Sundays, thanks!

      • Milkstache
        Milkstache commented
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        Ya, the owner is trying to make it a consistent thing. He's done 2 or 3 now?