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Going to FEW?

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    Going to FEW?

    Did you even know about it?

    FEW is on for Halloween weekend in Bakersfield.
    I’m in…and will be bringing a mad assortment of markers ( I will post the pile as it gets closer).

    Who else is going? Bringing anything interesting to fondle?

    Put the word out. Some might not know about it seems like the privacy settings on the FB event listing didn’t allow it to be seen or searched for if you weren’t already a member of the SPEW group. They recently fixed that so the event is public/visible/searchable now.

    Last edited by Mechstar; 10-12-2021, 07:03 PM.

    Well, hell!
    I now have to change my plans to go to this AWESOME event this year.


      Yup. Will see you there.


        I have 450 Leland 12 grams on their way to me. I will be there Saturday and Sunday. If anybody needs some....I have the hookup


          Ooo, had no idea this was on. Might try to go for one day, waiting to hear about a music video shoot on Thurs-Fri so depends how late that runs.


            How was it?