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Bacci Mountain Holiday Game - Stock Class, Friday December 30th, 2022

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  • bacci paintball
    Still raining so we are unfortunately canceling. Sorry to everyone that was thinking of joining us.

    My post from facebook below...
    RIP Bacci Mountain Holiday Game 2022.
    Unfortunately rain is still coming down and tomorrow is 90-100% chance of rain so we will once again cancel.
    Thanks for everyones' enthusiasm and see you in the summer.
    Date likely posted at the beginning of June.

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  • Cunha

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  • Bacci Mountain Holiday Game - Stock Class, Friday December 30th, 2022

    Play some stock class in Northern California on Friday December 30th. Christmas and New years kinda limits when we can have this so we are doing Friday instead of the weekend.

    This is a one day game, no camping, arrive Friday AM, leave Friday PM.

    If it rains the game is canceled. We canceled last December so please keep this in mind.

    Main rules are Stock class, so horizontal feed and 12 grams only.
    Find the event on facebook at:

    This is a one day event. No camping. We are just stationed at the lower course though. If anyone wants to BBQ there I can bring a grill up.
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