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YouZee - Clip In Glasses For Goggles

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    So with a quick search i found a google system that you can get a full prescription lens for the goggle lens. The one that i found (RX Goggles) only sell 2 masks (not lenses) a dye i4 and i5, the mask price is pretty standard but the lenses add min 130 dollars max 434 dollars to the total cost so not a very cheap option. Does anyone here have something like this and can compare?

    I see pluses and minuses for both.

    The Youzee allows for multiple goggles, is significantly cheaper especially if you have a major prescription, your goggle lenses get damaged and with the Youzee you would not require a special lens to replace it (not sure if you can buy just the lens?).

    The built in lens would allow for a better peripheral vision, they are built in so there is less chance of forgetting your glasses, even though the Youzee are clear they may get in the way a little, no one else could use your goggles and you would need to buy new lenses if you ever want to get rid of them, finally if you get a new prescription you have to get a new mask or lens.

    Gluing in lenses might be better as it is cheaper than all, you do not have the clear outer edge. In the same line as the built in though you cant share, need new lenses to sell, scratch or update script.

    I am sure that i am missing something and would love to hear thoughts or really anything about this.


      Look into these, I was issued them as a firefighter


      • Mr. Hick

        Mr. Hick

        Editing a comment
        I forgot about these! I had a set I wore for Airborne Ops! They were comfortable enough and I never had fogging issues with them either maybe it's time to jump in the throw back machine and grab a pair!

        I also became quite efficient at making 550 straps for them too.

      Anyone try these with bunkerkings CMD?
      “If it has a battery, kill it.”