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Ronin Gear 6+8 Max Pac

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    Ronin Gear 6+8 Max Pac

    The Ronin Gear 6+8 Max Pac just arrived in one of the orders of basic stuff I got to try and get back into paintball. It was a pack that I remember back from when I was playing so it likely sat in a warehouse for a very long time but, I&I sports not only still has them but has them for only $10.

    The whole reason I wanted this pack originally was that it allowed for a 114/4500 and 6+8 is a huge amount of paint, and this is rare in a horizontal setup. Now my needs are a bit different but, it easily fits a 62/3000 of tightened down a bunch. The tank pouch is huge on this and while it only has two Velcro straps and two cinch straps it appears adequate even to secure very heavy tanks.

    The actual tubes to hold pods are fairly roomy, it can easily hold pods bigger than 140s but, it still had enough Velcro to tighten down small enough to fit 100 round pods flush with my sides which is my preference.

    The elastic loops are attached to an elastic ribbon that elevates the pod overtop of the covered pods, this means that while they are a bit floppy they don’t crowd out your normal pods as happens in some packs. The elastic has a small semi flexible piece of plastic sewn in on one side to guide pods back into the elastic loops which is a nice touch.

    this pack is also made from quite durable nylon webbing which is connected to mesh where it contacts your body but, while feeling very durable don’t count on that mesh to breath, there is just so much webbing that it is still mostly that. There are also harness loops if you actually want to put a case of paint and a large tank on your back.

    the pack has a Velcro belt, which also includes what I suspect is a belt extender and it has two Velcro and elastic tightening straps to pull the belt tighter. It feels secure but more importantly it seems like it will work with both very small and relatively large people too. The design is simple enough as well that an extension belt could easily be made to accommodate even Sumo body types.

    so far the only thing I don’t like is that if you use larger pods you will have a chicken wing sort of situation where they wrap around your body and force you to keep your arms more forward and also increases your profile. But essentially any horizontal harness that includes a spot for a tank will have this problem due to the length of 140rd+ pods. I really like the APP 100 round pods with the rubber lids and those won’t extend past the edge of my body.

    For the elastic loops the I&I sports 100 round pods work well since they have spring top lids. The rubber lids seem best kept inside the 6 main pod pouches. APP does sell curved pods that may eliminate some of the flaws in pods poking out, but I haven’t tried them since I just prefer smaller pods.

    all in all for $10 this thing is a steal, ofc I suspect once they are sold out that is it. These things were much more expensive when new. I will post an update after I played a few games with it and get a feel for any flaws I am not seeing but, as best I can tell if you want to haul a lot of paint for a big game, a lot of air for a big game, or you are looking for a cheap but well built horizontal harness then this pack is for you.

    Click image for larger version

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    This is the promo photo from Ronin Gear themselves, notice how tiny the 48/3K tank is in the pouch this thing can haul a serious amount of air.

    Edit: Added photo
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    I don’t see many of these horizontal packs anymore, but those who have them really like them. Now I know which one to suggest- at that price it’s hard not to.
    I also always forget how much paint those things can hold.
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      I have a 4+3 from them that's horizontal and you can pull the tubes from either side. Holds the 165 tubes as well, and is easily the best pack I've ever owned. I got mine from I&I for 12 bucks.


        After many games a bit of an update:

        First the good, this pack is indeed rather well built and holds up quite well so far. 100 or 140 round pods, in the elastic or the fabric tubes, either one works great. 90/4500 tank fits with room to spare too.

        Now for the bad: Despite having a very wide Velcro belt, if you load up 3/4 a case onto this thing and put a 90/4500 on it the belt will squeeze the heck out of you.

        I tried a simple set of suspenders and they were a bit too thin and dug into my shoulders, this pack can hold an incredible amount of weight to I searched around till I found something that really works. Alice style load bearing suspenders or cheap clones like these: will do the trick and do it well. Honestly despite having so much paint and air on me, it doesn't really feel like I am carrying much when I add these to the pack. If you get the black versions too, it looks like it was meant to go on it. I bought mine used from a military surplus place for $10. The pack comes with large durable rings for mounting to suspenders but, make sure you get a 4 point style rather than a three point style.


          What are those shiny pods? Really tie the whole picture and thread together, imo.


          • Euphie
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            I&I sports and a few other companies used to make/import chrome pods, I believe I&I sold them under their Ronin Gear branding, but I don’t believe they make them anymore.

            For what it’s worth I do use odd pods though, I use mostly APP gatorback 100 round pods with the rubber Everdur friction lids. I do have some 100 round black Ronin Gear/I&I pods and they work fine but they are nothing compared to the durability of the APP pods with unbreakable lids, thick plastic and no hinge to wear out.

          • Arthur
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            Nice, thanks for the info man.

          I've got one of these (that I'm about to sell, and I&I is still selling them new for $10? great...) and yeah, the suspenders were a must have upgrade if you wanted to be the "heavy gunner" and carry all 14 pods and a spare tank to shoot it all. Only used it a couple of times myself, but when you have to have the paint for that scenario game, this is about the highest capacity pack I've ever seen.
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