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BlazePods & Paintball

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    BlazePods & Paintball

    This is a review for BlazePod ( and using them in a paintball-related application

    I've collected various piezo sensors, vibration sensors, bright-LEDs and an Ardunio UNO in the hopes of making an electronic paintball target. I need the practice and plinking at passive targets won't help me build the skills to shoot left handed or with double-trigger electronic markers. It took me several years to finally get the hang of a center-feed marker versus the old-school right-angle feeds, so I needed a way to get acquainted to the latest paintball markers.

    BlazePods showed up and after watching the promotions, these things can be kicked, punched and smacked with a hockey puck. So heck ya, it can definitely handle an impact of a paintball. Not wanting to clean up paint from within the Pods (and afraid of what could happen to the metal charging contacts) - I decided to find a cover that let's light through and can handle a paintball blast. It turns out a $1 salad plate from the local Dollar Tree was the best candidate.

    Here is a video:

    BlazePods has various settings in the App, such as training session duration, number of pods, players and color selection. I've been using a session called Color Catch. I have yet to try them at more than 15 feet and look forward to using a ramping paintball marker. I would be open to challenging another person remotely who can create an equal setup (pre-determined distance and App settings). Then we can get a baseline on what's a good reaction time. Even better would be to see a Pro's (such as Alex Fraige) reaction time.

    Various Observations and Mind-Rumblings to Share:
    BlazePods has 20% promotions around the holidays (July 4th, Labor Day). I would expect to see promotions on the upcoming Fall and Winter holidays.
    A paintball hit on the metal conduit (pole) would count as a hit. It would be nice if it didn't. I think some rubber might isolate this.
    A paintball hit on the very edge of the salad plate didn't record as a hit, likely the majority of the paintball mass clipped the edge. A paintball hit on the edge of the salad plate makes a loud ping, my guess it's like a drum set's cymbal. Debating if I should leave it or try to dampen it.
    I've only used a ProStock '05 Pump and M170R. Should I try MagFed next or just blast away at the salad plate at 12-15bps to see what happens?
    Should I try airsoft? (only if I can find a free UZI MAC-11 that uses HPA - do they even make this?)
    What is best distance to build skills? I play RecBall, so maybe 50 plus feet would be best. Do the Pros practice their skills at this distance?

    Any suggestions on what to try next?

    Video is private.

    There are HPA kits for many CO2 airsoft and airguns. I don't know exactly which ones it works for. Just dummy 12gs and a hollow set screw for the puncture screw. Put a qd fitting in the dummy 12g and run remote from an 800psi output tank. If you don't mind the smell the green gas guns use propane (green gas is propane without the scent additive), which is probably pretty cost effective.

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      These remind me of a fancier, more expensive version of the game “Simon”.
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        You might have some competition there for Greg Hastings time trials ! Very cool!
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          Considering dumping paint into targets and running and hitting a buzzer are all you do.....yeah.