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HK Army Sabr mech paintball marker

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    HK Army Sabr mech paintball marker

    Released in August 2021 was a "new" HK branded marker The Sabr. It's a blow back design with a air line through the grip frame with a double trigger setup. An aluminum body with plastic lower trigger frame compliments this entry level marker. It's a clone of the previously released Eagle Claw marker but also has alot of shared design from the Spyder Victor, with an air line hid in the grip instead of a braided airline visible outside of the grip frame.

    The pros:
    - Low cost entry level price ($129.99 MSRP)
    - Mech operation is simple in design
    - Locking feedback accepts all hoppers
    - Autococker threaded barrel
    - Ergonomic frame accepts a hand over hand comfortably in a unique setup

    The bad:
    - Extremely air inefficient, only having 550 to 600 shots on a 45/4500
    - Stock barrel is large bore at 0.92 in size and is inaccurate.

    Overall the barrel can be improved with any autococker threaded barrel kit (freak kit, lurker, or even the HK brand Lazer barrel kit using inserts). The air inefficient issues are something you cannot overcome so big games with long hours of gameplay requiring 800 to 1000 shots just isn't something I see possible in this blow back setup. The price point is also slightly above what I think it's worth at $100 in my opinion. I got mine used for $90 which is the perfect price point.

    If you want a mechanical marker that has a double trigger and minimal maintenance then this Spyder clone is for you. The emek doesn't offer a double trigger frame (yet), but has a gamma core and more mods but and is three times as much. The Tippmann Raider is heavier and has a hopper attached at a different setup with limited availability at 2.5 the price. KP has a equivalent style mechanical double trigger marker that's priced to compete but I haven't shot that brand. The Spyder Victor has a outdated frame setup with a braided air line but is $80 new and is the closest equivalent marker. It's the 2021 updated Spyder with a popular brand name on the side. It's light weight and has the ability to use autococker barrels, aftermarket force fed hoppers to improve ball feeding, and a low price point.

    Rating: B- with aftermarket force feed hopper and aftermarket barrel / C+ stock

    good review!

    I think if I had my heart set on a brand new STBB , i'd spend a bit more and pick up an Azodin, one of models that are regulated, and opt for their single trigger frame. Personally, I couldn't care less about hoseless designs on paintball guns these days. Macroline has been super reliable in all my builds and restorations of older guns, and if I was really worried I'd slap some steel braid line on a gun and call it done.
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    Meleager7 Feedback:


      I’m kind of shocked at the inefficiency. Maybe test it again with a barrel kit? Might let you back off the spring tension a bit.
      Either way, thanks for posting. :thumbup:
      New Feedback


        I am weirdly intrigued by these. Thank you for taking the time to write a review!

        I have a simple Azodin STBB and honestly it shoots great. People seem to balk at AZ’s quality but my experience has been mostly good.
        💀Wild Card, Ragnastock💀


          I would hold off calling it air inefficient until you shoot it with a freak xl or something similar and a good bore match. Most people that are going to use it for big games or mechanical play will at least throw a barrel on it. For the complete newbies the 500-600 is fine I would think. It’s annoying that they put a .692, but try again with a barrel that has a decent bore match then report back. I think you’ll be surprised how much it improves.


          • MrBarraclough


            Editing a comment
            Would be curious to see how it performs on a 48/3000, as I would expect many players who are attracted to a $130 marker are probably not spending that much all over again to get a 4500 tank.

          600 shots off a 45/4500? (Laughs in Airtech Matrix.)

          That's not that terrible, and unless you're one of those weirdos who waddles onto the field with 8 pods, totally fine for a few games. You can go get another air fill.
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