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Doc's Freak XL Cocker Bull Barrels

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    Doc's Freak XL Cocker Bull Barrels

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    ​ Nostalgia is a powerful thing 🧙 . While getting back into the sport recently I found myself, like many here, pining for the gear of yesteryear. For me one of those things was an old slab side, fat back block Autococker. I wanted to build it up in such a way that even if I made some more “modern” updates it would keep that old school look. Of the updates a Freak bored barrel was on the list considering old barrels are just roll out city. I had considered getting a vintage barrel bored to accommodate this, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it 😪. Luckily Doc has come to the rescue with his Freak XL Cocker Bull Barrels .

    The barrel itself right out of the box has a great fit and finish. It looks as close to a stock bull barrel as it possibly could. The only outstanding feature that distinguishes it from a stock barrel is the seam between the tip and the shaft of the barrel. This is also one of the great features of the barrel. As it is cut for standard traditional “short” Freak tips, you can simply screw on any other tip you have.

    For example, if you attach a traditional 14” All American tip you get an overall 16.5” barrel that has a very “old school” look to it.
    The barrel itself does not have an o-ring retainer for inserts, so one must be a bit careful when removing the barrel or tip to not have the insert drop out inadvertently. As a bonus though, you can easily remove the inserts from the front as well, which bodes well for those using a traditional shroud, such as myself.

    With the bull barrel tip this thing has a nice loud report as expected, while it provides a softer muffled “pffuoot” with the All American tip installed. In my backyard testing with a .679 insert and some Marballizer, I was very pleased with the accuracy produced. I was placing balls where I wanted them very consistently .

    This was everything I expected it to be when looking for a restomod sleeper build barrel. It offers flexibility for modern paint sizing, and barrel length options, while maintaining the original vintage look.
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    Velcor will save us...

    Current MCB Feedback :
    Legacy MCB Feedback (Wayback Machine)