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Empirical headwrap

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    Empirical headwrap

    OK, so in my searching for more American flag stuff & remembering another member on here (forgot who) mentioning Empirical Paintball I came across a new headwrap. My old Dye headwrap is getting on in age so I picked one up. Just got it today, so I have not used it yet. But here's an initial review. It's a simple headwrap, so I'll be brief with the details & give my impression at the end.

    First off, here is the item I purchased:

    The package arrived today. (in a larger box than what is posted here, lol)

    The headwrap.

    The mesh is VERY light, but seems very durable.

    I haven't owned many headwraps or bands, but this is one long terry cloth strip.

    The stitching. Looks pretty darn good to me.

    The rubber tag thingy on the back. Empirical does a thing where you get a random color, each with a given probability. Think of it as a "rarity" scale, like with weapons in the Borderlands or Destiny games (or many other RPGs), or something like that. Color chances are outlined here:
    I don't really care for that aspect of it, to be honest. I don't mind it, but it just seems out of place. Must do something for marketing, I guess. But I got a blue one. My favorite color.
    Seems like the bands get cloth tags & the wraps get the rubber ones.

    And a really crappy picture of it on my head. I wasn't going to post it, but it showcases the length. And shows off my goggle strap along with it. I have a lot of it tucked under/behind 'cuz I don't like stuff brushing on or around my ears. But there's plenty of material- it's just hidden.

    Overall, I'm really looking forward to using this headwrap. It's got a nice, wide band and feels really nice on my head. Lighter than I expected. Seems to be of very high quality overall. I also got a handwritten "Thank you for your support!" blurb on the packing slip. They also sell jerseys, pants, t-shirts and other stuff.

    Also, when you buy a product from Empirical they donate some of the purchase to various foundations for firefighters, police officers, veterans and a few others (your choice when you add it to your cart). Very nice to see people in this industry giving back to our public service personnel, vets & other causes.

    Again, I haven't used this product in-game yet, but if it holds up & delivers the quality Empirical claims I will likely go back to them for future purchases.
    New Feedback

    Looks good, and finally a company that does interesting colors and doesn't have their logo plastered everywhere!
    Check out my builds here -


      These look awesome! Browsing their site now.


        They have some really nice gear, just bought a headband.

        Click image for larger version

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