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Shocker AMP

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    Shocker AMP

    I was looking at my marker collection and realized that for the first time in 15 years I don't own an electro. While I really want an LV2, there's no way I'm forking out $2k+ for a marker. Used Geo 4? Meh, love Geos (had the 3, 3.1 and 3.5) but hate the new shape. I mainly wanted something that I could use to sling a lot of paint those rare times I feel like it, and a loaner as well. I narrowed it down to the 170R and the Shocker AMP. Since I've had several Gamma Core markers already, plus the nostalgia factor of having owned a Shoebox Shocker 22 years ago, made me go towards the Shocker. Plus their colour offerings are much nicer (got mine in purple). Now, I know that there was some controversy over the fact that SP, hum, borrowed the GC concept from PE for the AMP, but I figured since I gave PE SO much money in the last 15 years or so it should be enough to atone for my sin and not get excommunicated.

    When I opened the package, I found the gun case to be very nice. Upon opening it, I was surprised at how nice the ano is. When looking at the colours online they look much glossier, like 'old school' ano. You get SP grease (Dow Corning 33 really), a very nice allen key set, but a very anemic parts kits. I'm used to the beefy PE kits. Freak barrels have always done fine by me, so there's that, although I'm a skeptic of the new school thought of needing inserts longer than 6" - seems more like a gimmick to me.

    So I took it to the field last Saturday for some woodsball action. Hooked up my 68/45 Ninja Tank and DYE Rotor. Shot a full case on semi (although I did try PSP ramping for a game). Indeed, the shot quality is very reminiscent of the Gamma Core. I read that SP actually took the AMP design from the GC Pro, so I was expecting a smoother shot to be honest.

    The only issue I've encountered was that I got several barrel breaks throughout the day (5-6... I seldom even get one per 5 cases or so). To be honest, there were at least two other players with 170Rs that had the exact same issue - and both were running the stock barrel (0.689), while I was using the stock XL insert (0.687) so the issue wasn't related to grossly underboring.

    Here are random observations, likes/dislikes:

    - The marker is very light and compact; I Iove the looks, the milling and the ano;

    - I'm not crazy about the ergos. Nice but meh. It will take me some time to adjust to them;

    - I like the feedneck and the ASA. I usually prefer POPS style ASAs, but that knob works very well and only requires the slightest of twists to be turned on/off;

    - I like the board - easy to read and easy to use. However, that damn button was hell to use with my gloves on. I hate it intensely;

    - The grips are actually nicer that initially thought - on the online pictures they look kinda cheap;

    - I got a lot of comment on how small the reg grip was and how it was a turn-off, but I don't have a problem with it;

    - The bolt removal mechanism works well, but looks over-complicated/over-engineered to me;

    - I really don't like the eye cover system. The allen screw seems to be a bit wider than it should and I can see how easily strippable it can be if one is not careful with it. There are tiny o-rings around the screw that are fiddly - I learnt that you shouldn't try to remove the screws completely, just back them off until the cover can be removed. Also, one of the eyes would pop out of its socket due to the wiring, making the cover installation difficult;

    - Oddly, my bolt system came with a ton of grease on it;

    - Whilst I was playing, I felt the tank wiggle a little. I needed to tighten the ASA screws;

    - I really like the trigger; good job on that one. Didn't need to adjust it, it was perfect for me right out of the box;

    Overall, very nice marker. Seems solid to me and you get a fair amount of value for the price. While I do like it, I wasn't 'wowed' by it either. Maybe we've become too spoiled with how good markers have become? All things being equal, I would say I slightly prefer the 170R over the AMP, but that's me. OTOH, a purple marker on my gun wall does look good...
    Playing the game since 1990

    Thanks for the review! I own an M107R and was wondering what people thought about them vs. the AMP.


    • The Jayster
      The Jayster commented
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      You made a good choice, don't look back. To be honest, I almost snatched up instead a used Green/Predator edition of the 170R at a good price but slept on it and it was gone before I replied back. I now wished I had been more alert. Oh well!

      I also hear lots of good things about the DYE DSR. I think that it's a very tight race between the 170R, the Shocker AMP and the DSR. If I had to go back and pick one brand new, I'd go for the 170R just because I'm already very familiar with the Gamma Core and I know exactly what to expect where the usual PE amenities are concerned (POPS, barrel, etc.)

      Many will disagree with me but in some ways when you look at the price difference between a Geo 4 or the LV2 and the 170R, I think that the 170R wins in the design category. For instance, the 170R has the wireless eyes while the Geo 4 and the LV2 still use wires, etc.

    Nice job on the review. Toss a couple pictures up when you get a chance! Would like to see the purple.
    Cuda's Feedback


      Well, here's my current gun wall as well as a close-up pic of the Shocker:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 10.56.51 AM.png
Views:	21
Size:	1.71 MB
ID:	318424 Click image for larger version

Name:	Screen Shot 2022-09-26 at 10.57.17 AM.png
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Size:	2.91 MB
ID:	318425

      Playing the game since 1990


      • zinger565


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        Oooh, I do like that Purple. I must say, I'm very intrigued about this newer generation, especially with the mech conversions, although I have a tough time purchasing anything Smart Parts.

      • iamthelazerviking
        iamthelazerviking commented
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        zinger565 Eclipse is far superior in my opinion. I tried a mech CVO and while it looks cool and sleek, too dainty for my hands. Also the bolt system just felt reallllly cheap and fragile.