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HK new goggle case... good idea ruined by cheap shell

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    HK new goggle case... good idea ruined by cheap shell

    I saw this case from HK videos that showed it with removable microfiber liner, big enough for every goggle size (my biggest is evs) and a compartment big enough for a loader (if so inclined).

    I was so looking forward to it when i ordered it from ANS..

    the first one had an issue during shipping and part of it was damaged due to being partially crushed (keep this in mind it will play a part later). so ANS had me return it and sent me another.

    my first impression was nice and big on the inside.
    the removable liner was quite soft and thick enough to limit with protection any movement of a mask size.

    the compartment was big enough for may loaders or lots of room for a lens (even a EVS) , or any extra cleaners, microfiber towels , ect.

    but then they IMO ruined perfection.

    the lid on the outer pocket was quite thin and not solid plastic like a exalt goggle case (v2 and v3).
    along with the lid the outer body would not take much to crush parts of it (remember the botched shipping).

    yes the goggle would supply some rigidity but that isnt what a case is supposed to rely on.

    now I understand a case isnt supposed to be tough enough to sit on (for example) but when empty a simple push can "dent" it, when it relies on goggle to aid in rigid support, and the lid over the compartment is just as easily crushed . even more so due to the void under it specifically same shape.

    Now to be fair it wont fall apart and does provide some protection.

    but given it is designed for almost any size goggles (especially the bigger ones like the EVS) the size requires some sort of extra external strenght.
    be that achieved by a wire internal frame or thicker materials.

    IMO the current materials of the case are even a tad thin on its own merits.

    the sad part is if they had used stronger and thicker material for all around exterior and compartment cover with the current size and removable washable microfiber liner (btw replacement liners per a company rep i called are "on the way") it would have blown the competition out of the water.

    if they really wanted to make it "bullet proof" they would have done above AND added an internal metal frame.

    hell even adding another 5 dollars to the price would have made it worth every penny.

    sadly they went with cheaper thinner material and still dont have (at this writing ) replacement liners for sale.

    that makes their competition exalt V3 the better all around choice.

    i hope they see the flaws and correct it.

    i would gladly give it a go again.


    It's HK

    ​​​they won't correct it.


      HK? Pfft More like... shit!

      lol, sorry bout your purchase. Your hundred percent right about how it could of been easily the best case.