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MCSUS box magazine for EMF100

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  • MuKen
    commented on 's reply
    When it's got plenty of paint it's pretty difficult to outshoot it on an emf100, I have never chopped a ball under these circumstances (assuming you take my advice and max the speed and sensitivity).

    Once it runs out (meaning it doesn't have enough balls for the rip clip to push the stack of balls in the dummy mag up into the breech), the remaining balls in the vertical feed occasionally bounce up and down and can get a chop. If you have a lok bolt and stop shooting once you hear the lok bolt engage, this is very unlikely.

  • The Inflicted
    How reliable is the feeding mechanism? Ever broken a ball?

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  • MuKen
    started a topic MCSUS box magazine for EMF100

    MCSUS box magazine for EMF100

    So my playtime is basically 70% pump and 30% magfed, but I wanted to look into some higher firepower setups for when I feel like blowing some paint. To that vein, I decided to try out the MCSUS box magazine for my EMF100. General use of it was pretty straightforward; underneath the covers its just a gen1 BT rip clip inside a box that has been hooked up to a dummy dye dam magazine that you can clip right into any dye dam mag compatible marker. Just pop it in, turn it on, and you're good to go. I recommend turning up the feed rate and sensitivity to maximum, since unlike a normal bt rip clip setup, you are fighting gravity.

    The box itself though was quite a clunky design choice. First off, it's mostly occupied by the bt rip clip, the space used to hold paintballs is a small portion of the box. The lid is velcroed over the top edge on the side, and its not a flap, the whole lid is a rectangular shape that fits snugly over the top. Because of this, every time you open it you are sliding the velcro over its attachment point instead of peeling it like velcro is meant to be opened. So it's a bit of a hassle to open and close for reloads.

    On the interior, there is a horizontal plastic piece flush with the top of the bt rip clip. It's not slanted, so there's nothing to help feed the balls into the loader. If you're running around, great. But if you're stationary as you get to the bottom of your capacity, you'll have to tilt it around and help the balls out. I figured it should be an obvious mod to add some funneling shape to drop the balls into there, and so I searched around online, and found out this is actually an "improved" version, the original version didn't even have the horizontal plastic piece, so lots of balls just fell around the sides of the rip clip and could not load at all unless you are shaking the thing like mad. Seriously, wtf? All these problems are things that other hoppers have long since solved. This is reinventing the wheel and failing at it.

    Which brings us to the obvious solution, and highlights what's good about this device: just make it a hopper. The way I see it, I spent $100 on a bt rip clip, and $70 on a bt rip clip to dye dam magazine adapter (a little pricey, but a cool adapter). The box-related stuff I can just toss out. You can buy a low-profile cyclone hopper for cheap, which fits bt rip clips. And you can get replacement top and bottom lids for bt rip clips from their website to get rid of the box-fitted parts. The result is a side-feed hopper that easily attaches and detaches so you can switch back to magfed play whenever you want.

    TLDR: Box design is clunky and impractical, but hey it's a bt rip clip -> dam mag adapter and that's cool.
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