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I’ve Been Framed! Shocktech vs Benchmark Slider Comparison

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    I’ve Been Framed! Shocktech vs Benchmark Slider Comparison

    Thanks to a local score I’ve ended up with both a Shocktech and a Benchmark slider. So time to check them out!

    Click image for larger version  Name:	50D5FB70-8251-4E71-BED1-05003A3C5800.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	70.8 KB ID:	377720
    Cuda's Feedback

    In the red corner, with a slighter larger and chunkier profile we have the Benchmark slider.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	30C33A65-186A-45AF-8FC6-9229979E584B.jpeg
Views:	232
Size:	93.2 KB
ID:	377723

    And in the black corner we have the slim and trim Shocktech slider.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	0D59E086-F6B7-4750-B2BD-5DD34C4E8338.jpeg
Views:	237
Size:	94.7 KB
ID:	377722

    Overlaid, you can see the Benchmark frame is slight longer with a flatter profile underneath the trigger guard.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	38E7606A-9CDF-4DCD-8F05-AF64BF4468DC.jpeg
Views:	231
Size:	105.2 KB
ID:	377724
    Click image for larger version

Name:	162300B1-1026-4BAD-95B1-80C239F96581.jpeg
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Size:	75.4 KB
ID:	377725

    Cuda's Feedback


      Immediately obvious from looking at the frames is that Shocktech has taken great effort to remove some of the extra weight on their frame. They’ve milled down the cross support where the spring goes, thinned the rear of the frame and took out extra material where possible, without compromising the strength of the frame.

      The Shocktech also has finger grooves on both sides of the trigger frame and at the bottom of the trigger guard, allowing for a more comfortable hold of the frame. They also added some holes to the trigger plate to reduce weight as well. The entire frame is more angular than the Benchmark frame, but not sharp at any location.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	FD9B985A-7431-4002-923B-D27D4EDDA4C1.jpeg
Views:	218
Size:	42.7 KB
ID:	377735
      Cuda's Feedback


        The Benchmark frame, by comparison, is full figured with nice smooth edges on all surfaces. It’s pleasing to the touch, but not as comfortable as the Shocktech frame, specifically across the flat portion of the trigger guard. would I notice the difference between frames while playing? Not likely, especially if wearing gloves.

        Now both frames feature all the same adjustment points, consisting of a grub screw under the trigger frame. This screw is completely hidden on the Shocktech but is visible on the Benchmark. I am actually missing the screw on this Benchmark frame.

        Note on the photo below you cannot see the grub screw on the Shocktech frame but it is there.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	F0B0D25D-BE01-451F-AAE4-D6E80F42091A.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	80.8 KB ID:	377737
        Cuda's Feedback


          So this brings us to the most important part of these sliders, what is inside. And both have very similar internals consisting of a polished trigger plate and sear. Neither has a roller sear and the Shocktech plate has some holes for added lightness.

          In the current form, which may be stock, the Shocktech has a much softer, smoother trigger pull. The Benchmark is firmer, taking more effort to pull. I prefer the feel of the Shocktech frame for it’s lighter pull, but I’ll need to test the two on marker and see how they feel in actual use.
          Cuda's Feedback


            Saved for shooting impressions.
            Cuda's Feedback


              Saved for final thoughts.
              Cuda's Feedback


                I like this!
                I am the admin...


                  Good post. I wonder if there is a slider frame roundup somewhere with ANS, WGP, Dye, etc. It's interesting to see them side by side.


                  And and ye shall receive! Just picked up two cockers with WGP pot metal sliders.

                  So here is a stock WGP pre-2k slider compared to the Shocktech frame:

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	A3AA6B0F-2C78-4094-96A9-95F75460A569.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	55.6 KB ID:	381692

                  The stock WGP frame is noticeably thinner across the grip
                  frame than the Shocktech frame. The stack view gives a better perspective. The stock frame is also longer.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	077A18F5-872A-45CF-90F7-58B9D9A598E7.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	89.3 KB ID:	381693
                  And here is a view of the trigger guard. Surprisingly they are very similar and have the rounded section behind the trigger guard, unlike the Benchmark frame which has a flat section there.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	36F2D3E0-760E-4505-B7F6-B19BDFE735DC.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	71.0 KB ID:	381723
                  Notice that the stock WGP slider does not have any trigger adjustment screws like the Benchmark and Shocktech frames. It’s a very basic and early design. Later WGP frames are quite different and I may have one on the way to me shortly.

                  Last edited by Cdn_Cuda; 03-11-2023, 10:26 PM.
                  Cuda's Feedback